Yes Being Overweight is a Reason for Infertility


Yes Being Overweight is a Reason for Infertility

It is advised that people who have major hair loss issues and are thinking of getting a hair transplant to speak to experts who can guide them better. The reason is that hair transplant is not meant for everyone and secondly, only an expert or experienced doctor can see your actual hair loss and make a good hair restoration plan which will be budget-friendly and also good to look at. The hair transplant is not a very easy thing but gives stress to many people who undergo it. Hence, it is important that you get a consultation before getting one done. The consultation with a doctor can be like the one mentioned below.

Your Doctor Will Need To Know About The Medical History Of Your Hair.

This is an essential part of consultation because the doctor will come to know of which hair transplant process is best suited to you along with being completely safe. This the doctor can only come to know when he knows the medical history of your hair. Many men or women who have been suffering from pattern baldness are best suited but some factors have to be seen like, medicines used, the type of skin which you have, or other medical conditions. You can discuss all the things with your doctor, also do not hide anything about your medical history, otherwise, the surgery can have side effects.

The Doctor Will Examine Your Scalp

Then the doctor will examine your scalp because the scalp will only tell the amount of hair loss and doctor will also come to know about how many grafts will be required for giving you a natural looking hair transplant. The hair density is also checked and doctors compare the fine hair with the thick hairs.

Also, the level of hair which is shrinking is also checked. Also at some clinics, the patients are made to see how their hair transplant will take place. This gives the patients the opportunity to ask questions or any doubts regarding their transplant.

Ask Questions Related To Aftercare Process

You can ask about how to take care of hair post surgery. The doctors also give a list of instructions which are to be followed after the surgery. Many clinics also take a picture of the patient( both before and after surgery).