This Will Help You Come to Terms With Those Man Boobs


This Will Help You Come to Terms With Those Man Boobs

It’s like undergoing scrutiny for those who really know what that means. Man boobs are a total puzzle, a source of agony, anguish among other self-conscious issues. Another bitter part of it is that this issue can strike you at any age, leaving you perplexed about the way forward. Teenagers and young adults complain about man boobs or in other words gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of male breasts. What could be the cause?

Hormone imbalances are believed to be the actual cause of male breast enlargement, although other factors like poor diet, excessive use of steroids, obesity and other medications can trigger man boobs. Gynecomastia can become a lifetime body issue in case no action is taken. Normally, the puberty stage is characterized by a hike in the hormones as the body tries to bring about male sex developments. Testosterone is mainly associated with male sex developments, but there also exists a certain amount of estrogen hormone, which is a female hormone. An excessive increase in the estrogen levels than required automatically brings a competition between estrogen and testosterone, leaving a man with enlarged breasts in case the female sex hormone only hikes.

What You must know About Gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts?

Gynecomastia is particularly characterized by the enlargement of the glandular tissue, which is located within the male breast. Other cases where your breasts are enlarged or drop due to fat aren’t termed as gynecomastia. However, there are also cases where a male has an enlarged glandular tissue plus fatty deposits.

Possible Ways to Deal With Man Boobs or Gynecomastia

Hundreds of males in India are diagnosed with gynecomastia annually and are left depressed because of the social stigma and psychological issues associated with this abnormality. However, here is how to cope with this body issue;

Accept the fact that you have man boobs

It’s pretty hard, but you have to try in order to live a positive life. Understand that gynecomastia is a condition with various solutions and therefore, you can one day overcome it. Millions of males around the globe have overcome gynecomastia through surgical interventions and the procedure is quite affordable and worth it.

Why Do You Have Enlarged Breasts?

Millions of males have enlarged breasts, but the saddening part of it is that they hardly know the cause of body deformity. An evaluation of your lifestyle is required to understand the actual trigger of gynecomastia. Males who use anabolic steroids, enlarged prostate, medical conditions like AIDS, cancer of the prostate, treatments like chemotherapy can all trigger man boobs. Your lifestyle is adjustable, meaning that you can choose to forgo any drugs or eating disorders that take part in triggering gynecomastia.

Hit the Gym

Even though it isn’t about muscle build-up, you will certainly lose some pounds via an effective gym program. In case you are afraid of meeting the costs, physical exercises, such as running, biking, push-ups, and swimming can help you eliminate those man boobs.

Consult a doctor

Living in agony isn’t the solution to enlarged breasts, but a consultation can leave you with hope. A doctor is able to prescribe medications that will help eliminate those man boobs or prevent you from taking certain drugs that escalate the issue.

Go for a Gynecomastia Surgery

Extremely enlarged breasts can only be overcome with a gynecomastia surgery. The surgery targets the glandular tissue directly and during the procedures, any excess fat is also eliminated.