Why Rhinoplasty is known as ‘Nose Job’?


Why Rhinoplasty is known as ‘Nose Job’?

The term seems to sound rather odd, as no other surgery is referred to as a ‘job’. The term comes from the fact that the surgery is often used for cosmetic rather than medical purposes. It has become quite common these days to get a nose job done. With even celebrities making a beeline for it, the common population is sure to follow. The nose job is medically referred to as rhinoplasty. The nose job surgery is quite a popular medical procedure these days, with the statistics showing that it was one of the most commonly performed procedures out of the 17 million cosmetic surgeries carried out in the USA in 2016. There are many advantages of performing the surgery-

  1. Confidence boosting 

It is a motivator for confidence build up. It is known to improve the morale of kids and grown-ups who are conscious about the way their nose looks. People can end up being bullied for their distinct appearance. A nose job can be the perfect way to put an end to all the heartburn.

  1. A career in show business

People in the show biz have to look simply great. They can’t afford to have a funny looking nose, especially if they are modelling. Rhinoplasty surgery  is the perfect answer to their woes.

  1. Breathing issues-A defective nose can put the breathing mechanism in a problem. Such problems can lead to health issues later on. Rhinoplasty can reduce the degree of the problem.
  2. Correction of the broken nose 

An injured or a broken nose can lead to a negative effect on the appearance of the person and greatly impair the functioning of the organ. A nose job works best in this condition.

  1. Problems with the sinus

Congestion, difficulty in breathing, headache can be due to sinus problems. This can be reduced through nose surgery.

  1. Correct congenital defects 

Many children are born with defects such as lumps, clefts, and underdevelopment of the nose. This can also be corrected through rhinoplasty. It is one of the most popular uses of nose surgery.

  1. Facial symmetry restoration 

Sometimes the shape of the nose is crooked or bulbous. It leads to the face looking disproportionate. Such issues can be rectified using the nose job.

  1. Snoring 

People often consider it as a sign of deep sleep. The reality is something very different. It is more an indication of poor health and blockage in the respiratory tract. Rhinoplasty offers an effective treatment of such conditions.

Whether you call it a “nose job” or “rhinoplasty”, the truth is that it has brought relief to the lives of many men, women, and children. They have their reasons to opt for it. But the truth remains that the results are quite pleasant and life-changing.