Why Hair Fall Happens In The Rainy Season And How We Can Reduce Hair Fall?


Why Hair Fall Happens In The Rainy Season And How We Can Reduce Hair Fall?

How rainy season cause hair fall?

Rainy season brings charm and considered to give us break from the hot weather but also brings humidity in itself. This humidity is not at all friend for the hair. This humidity leaves the hair worn out, lifeless and brittle which results into the abrupt hair fall.\

In the rainy season most of the people lose clumps of hair even due to the presence of the environmental pollutants in the rain water that cause the fungal infection on the scalp and make the hair roots weak and cause hair fall. Acid and dirty rain water make hair dry and brittle that becomes more prone to breakage.

Hence it is important to do extra care for your hair in the rainy season to control the abrupt hair fall.

 Following tips can help you to control the hair fall during monsoon.

Shampoo immediately after getting drenched

Keep your hair clean and healthy with the suitable shampoo according to your hair type but it is essential to do shampoo after getting drenched as the acidic and dirty rain water can cause fungal infection so avoid getting drench in the rains but if so happened then wash your hair with mild shampoo and warm water and after that do not forget to use conditioner according to hair type.

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential and beneficial for our body but studies have shown that it is also good for hair as it removes the toxins from our body including the toxins that cause fungal infections so it is good to drink 8-12 glasses of water daily especially in the rainy season for healthy hair

Do oiling and massage

During the monsoon hair turns frizzy, dry and rough so the quick oil massage can turn them stunning and smooth. It is important to give hot oil massage at least once in a week to your hair as it can prevent your scalp from becoming itchy and flaky especially in the rains. Even hair masks are also good alternative for healthy and shinning hair in monsoon.

Aloe Vera is best in monsoon

Aloe Vera is the beneficial plant for body and even for hair care it can help to get rid from many hair problems like dandruff, split ends, hair fall. Massage with the gel of this plant can rejuvenate your scalp and can help to restore the pH balance , reduces the hair bacteria, give relief from hair itching so ultimately add to hair growth.

Avoid junk food

Junk food is not at all considered in the healthy and good food habits as it has many harmful effects on body but studies have even shown that excessive consumption of junk food also contribute to the hair thinning. It is important to restrict the consumption of junk food to provide the proper nutrition to the hair by eating protein enriched foods that can prevent hair fall in rains.

Add sprouts to your diet

Sprouts are rich source for the protein which is essential for the growth and good health of hair. Hence addition of this protein and fiber enrich food can prevent the hair fall in monsoon. You may also go for leafy vegetables, raw salad and whole grains to complete your healthy diet.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine intake in the excessive manner can lead to dehydration which is major reason for the hair loss. In rainy season hair gets dry and the caffeine intake add to the problem so it is good to replace the coffee intake with the fruit beverages, milk, and herbal tea to prevent the hair loss and to make your crowning glory healthy and shiny.

Rains can actually be a bane for your mane but the above tips for preventing the hair loss in monsoon can keep your valuable asset protected even in this unfriendly weather for hair. Do not forget to care your hair while enjoying the tiny water droplets.