Why Choose Rhinoplasty Surgery?


Why Choose Rhinoplasty Surgery?

For people unhappy with the shape and orientation of their nose, rhinoplasty seems to be the perfect answer. The surgical procedure is used to incorporate changes in the cartilage or bone of the nose to correct issues related to the shape of the nose. It is also useful in cases where the shape is alright but there is a problem with the breathing mechanism. So you can undertake a nose job surgery if you have issues with the way your nose looks or functions. Rhinoplasty in India is offered at various clinics, including the Profile clinic. We are going to discuss the benefits of choosing rhinoplasty in this article.

What makes rhinoplasty unique?

  1. Change the size of your nose

If you feel that your nose is too large or too small in proportion to your face, then you can opt for rhinoplasty to resize your nose.  The resulting nose will be in proportion to your face and help you give a balanced look. You may get the size decreased or increased.

  1. Bring an Improvement in your breathing

In case you have blocked nasal passages due to structural defects, then rhinoplasty will help you in improving your breathing. The surgery involves repair of the nasal passage and elimination of airflow obstructions. Of course, you can request the surgeon to make changes in the structure of the nose so that it looks better.

  1. Correcting nostril flaws

If your nostrils or the tip of your nose are too wide, rhinoplasty surgery can help in removing excess tissue. You can get your nostrils reshaped to enhance your appearance and improve your breathing.

  1. Eliminate the rough patches 

If you have excessive bumps on the surface of your nose, then rhinoplasty is the best surgical technique to get rid of them. It is also helpful in shaving off the excess bone. You can request the surgeon for adding extra bone in case you have depressed areas in your nose. It will lead you to achieve a straighter look and a balanced face. 

  1. Enhance the symmetry of the face

Facial symmetry is defined as the likeness of both the right and left side of your face. The symmetrical face looks more attractive than a face that doesn’t have symmetry. The position of the nose plays a crucial role in creating a symmetrical look on your face. In this case, rhinoplasty will involve reshaping, resizing, or changing the angle of your nose so that it looks more balanced.