Which tips will prove immensely helpful in washing the hair after transplant?


    Which tips will prove immensely helpful in washing the hair after transplant?

    Undergoing a hair transplant does not only require you to undergo a surgical procedure. It is more than that. From the initial consultation to the recovery period, the journey is going to be immensely vast.

    So before setting on for the journey, we must be well prepared about it.

    How to get prepared?

    To get prepared for undergoing a hair transplant in Punjab, you must know the following:

      • Facts about Hair Restoration
      • The Recovery Period

    So, what should we discuss today? Umm. Umm…. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo…


    In our today’s blog, we are going to focus on the ‘Hair Washing Aspect’

    What is the importance of hair washing?

    The gentle hair wash helps your hair to get adapted to the atmosphere of the recipient zone. It becomes even more important when it is just the beginning of the postoperative period.

    Did You know?

    If you follow an improper and careless approach in washing your hair, then the hair follicles will get damaged and there are chances that the hair transplantation will come out to be an immense failure.

    Here are some points which you must consider when you are washing your hair:

      • Be Gentle

    I repeat that being gentle with your hair is the key to successful hair transplantation. If the hair undergoes any kind of strong trauma like the following, then the whole of the cost which you have paid for undergoing the hair transplantation may go in vain:

      • Rubbing
      • Aggressive Hair Wash
      • Contact With Fingernails

    Correct Timing for hair washing

    The timing also matters. But the right timing is subjective. It varies from patients based on:

      • The type of the transplanted hair
      • Which approach was taken into account for transplantation?
      • How much time has passed since the surgery and many more?


    To know which timing is best in your case, you should consult the doctors who will notify you about it.

    The use of the right shampoo

    After a hair transplant, you need to be more particular about which hair care products you are using. Make sure whichever products you are using, they are:

      • Free from Paraben
      • Full of the Naturally Rejuvenating Ingredients


    When you are shampooing your hair, then you must follow all the below-mentioned tips:

      • You are touching the grafts softly
      • You must touch the grafts in the vertical motion

    How to wash your hair after FUE?

    First of all, the transplanted hair ought to be sprayed with panthenol. Then, you are supposed to adjust the temperature of the water as your hair is still fragile to be exposed to intense temperatures. Next comes the time to apply the shampoo. After the shampoo has reached the follicles, then it’s rinsing time. Make sure, the donor area is thoroughly rinsed and there is not even a single drop of shampoo left there.

    Take a paper towel and gently dry your hair. Do not use any kind of heat treatment for the same. In the end, do not forget to apply fucicort at the donor area.