Which things should you take care of after undergoing hair transplantation?


Which things should you take care of after undergoing hair transplantation?

Once you have successfully gone through the hair transplant in Punjab, you should follow some of the precautionary measures which are listed below:

  • Do not drive

The day when you have undergone the hair transplantation procedure, make sure you have someone with you who can drop you at your house. Because you will be under the effect of sedation, so it will not be possible for you to drive on your own.

  • Sleeping flat

The unobstructed flow of the blood is a necessity. So if you are in the habit of sleeping with a pillow, then for good 15 to 20 days you have to give up that habit.

  • Do not overlook the prescription

Do take the medications whether they are pain-relieving or rehabilitate, with the prescription of the doctor. Do not ignore the dosage and time interval credentials as these are mandatory to be considered.

  • Follow the Rice technique

Some discomfort is sure to be encountered after the hair transplantation procedure, but one needs to learn how to get rid of it. There is a technique which is known as rice which is an abbreviation of the following :

  • R- Resting

  • I-Icing

  • C-Compression

  • E-Elevation

  • Do not scrub

Unless the dermatologist or the cosmetic surgeons allow you to take the hair wash or even oil your hair, you should not do it. Because it will create a significant effect on the lodging of the transplanted hair grafts.

  • Do not dye

We have encountered some cases where patients out of excitement dyed their hair on the second day after the hair transplant. This is not going to add to the look but it will surely cost you the unsuccessful survival of the translated hair grafts.

  • Avoid sweat causing activities

Sweat is bad for the hair when it is freshly transplanted, so the individuals should take care that they are not indulging in any kind of activity that is causing them to sweat.

  • Having sex

Whenever people are engaged in sexual activity, during the piercing activity the blood pressure level shoots up because of which the individual scans Sweat which as mentioned above not all suggested for the patients who have just gone through the hair transplantation.

  • Consume nutrient-rich food

Nutrition is what contributes a lot to the survival of your hair grafts. So you should make sure that you are consuming food that is quintessentially rich in all sorts of essential nutrients. Some people consume fast food to pamper themselves in the me-time. But they should not do so because that food can gain you sweat and makes your body run short of the required nutrients.

  • Say TA-TA to Alcohol and the cigarette

Alcohol and cigarettes are as bad for the body like poison. Because these have the potential to hinder the perfect functioning of the body in many ways. So to avoid that you are suggested to give up such things.


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