Which plastic surgery to choose to remove back folds


Which plastic surgery to choose to remove back folds

It is common for women to develop extra folds on the back which are often found near the bra line. It is one of the spots where shedding weight seems to be impossible. It may remain even after exercising hard and eating sensibly. These areas can be treated through liposuction surgery. According to a plastic surgeon, these folds are quite stubborn and one needs medical intervention in many cases. In this post, we aim to clarify the pros, cons, and effects of this surgery.

Back Folds and Diet +Exercise

It is often difficult to achieve your spot reduction goals with regular exercise and diet. If the individual, however, aims to shed overall weight, the results may be more effective. Spot reduction beyond a point is not seen as some areas tend to lose fat more rapidly than others. Some spots need weight training for reduction and that is not a part of many people’s exercise regimens.

What to do to Remove Back Folds

Mostly liposuction surgery is suggested to remove excess fat deposits in the back area. The procedure starts with the small incisions that are made in the target area. It is followed by the insertion of the cannula. It is a thin metallic tubular structure that effectively vacuums out the fat cells. The surgeon may use lasers or ultrasound to disintegrate the fat cells, thereby making them easy to remove. In case you have a firm skin, the procedure will allow your skin to lie flat and help in the removal of excess folds. It will lead to the loss of bulge around the bra line.

In case you don’t have firm skin or you have undergone dramatic weight loss, then the firmness of the skin might not be up to the mark. In such a condition, alone liposuction surgery will not be sufficient to remove the bulge. It will have to be followed by a skin tightening procedure. The surgeon will initiate the surgery by making an incision and lifting the skin gently. It will be followed by the removal of excess skin and re-draping of the excess tissues and suturing the skin into its original place.

It can be frustrating to witness the stubborn fat pocket around your bra line even after taking extreme measures. Medical science has the perfect solution to this problem in the form of liposuction.  The surgery will help you in looking great. Thank God, you have the option of liposuction surgery to look better without making efforts that don’t bear fruit (in some areas).