Which is better for flat stomach – Liposuction or Body Contouring


Which is better for flat stomach – Liposuction or Body Contouring

It is common to see belly fat in the majority of otherwise healthy people. Many try to lose their weight through weight loss programs, and diet control only to discover that it is not so simple to lose the stubborn fat around their middle. If you fall into the category of such people, you might have to consider some surgical methods for achieving a flat stomach. The two methods which are leading the fat loss methods are liposuction and Sculpsure body contouring. A majority of people are confused about the two methods and need some guidance regarding them. We intend to clarify their doubts through this post. It will help people in determining which procedure will suit them the best. 


Liposuction surgery is a specialized procedure that requires a board-certified plastic surgeon. It is suggested by professional plastic surgeons to those patients who have a lot of belly fat. It offers a fast, drastic method to slim down their waist. No wonder liposuction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the country. This surgical method involves the suction of the subcutaneous fat, which is quite difficult to shed through dietary restrictions or physical exercise. Although this method removes the stubborn fat, it does not provide maximum contouring benefits.

SculpSure Body Contouring

SculpSure body contouring is another way in which you can achieve a flat stomach. It is more suitable for individuals who do not have a major amount of belly fat. This method is non-invasive,requires less or no downtime and the individual can return to his regular activities soon after. The method involves fat destruction through a laser beam. The procedure provides a much flatter stomach along with body contouring. The entire process occurs in less than half an hour. However, the patient might require many sittings.

What should be your choice?

It is important to take into account the fact that both the methods are good for removing body fat and help the individual in achieving a flat stomach. However, the first method is surgical one while the second method is nonsurgical. As we all know, Surgery leads to health risks and requires recovery time. The individual may also experience bruising and discomfort with the surgical method (liposuction). The second method (SculpSure ) is non-invasive and requires much less downtime. It is also devoid of bruising and discomfort. It is up to the individual to decide the best method to remove belly fat.