Which hair transplant method is considered the best option for hair loss?


Which hair transplant method is considered the best option for hair loss?

The best treatment for hair loss

Have you noticed excess hair loss in the last few weeks? Are you able to see some part of the scalp? Are you tired of trying different options but not able to get the results?

Well, your last resort is to undergo hair transplant treatment to deal with hair loss issues. No doubt, undergoing hair transplantation will help you to have the desired hair growth, and it will look natural. Let’s understand the methods of hair transplantation which can benefit you greatly:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

During FUE, the hair follicles are taken one by one from the back of the scalp and then transplant to the affected area. With this method, no scar is left on the scalp, and you can keep your hair short.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

During FUT, the strip of hair is taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is extremely less.

Which method is best for you?

Let’s understand the similarity

Before we dig deeper, let’s understand the similarity between the 2. Both of these procedures’ main focus is on addressing the problem of hair loss. By undergoing the treatment, your confidence will increase. This is the reason the demand for hair transplantation is getting in excess.

FUT hair transplant

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, and it is also referred to as strip harvesting. During the procedure, a thin strip of hair is extracted with the scalp hair. The surgeon will take the strip from the back of the scalp. The surgeon will cut one ear to another. After that, the hair units are extracted from the removed part of the scalp.

Undergoing the treatment will leave a linear scar on the scalp. However, the results of this treatment are impressive.

FUE hair transplant

During FUE, the hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp which contains dense hair. With this method, there is no need to remove the skin. The surgeon will take out the hair follicles one by one with the help of a fine needle. During this method, the micro-injuries are created which cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

Depending on your condition, the surgeon will let you know how many hair grafts you need to cover the bald spots effectively.

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE method is an innovative way to deal with hair loss. The only difference between this method and conventional FUE is that there is the use of a sapphire blade and not the steel one. The scalp is penetrated gently, and every graft is transplanted precisely. With this method, the wound heals 20% faster, and hair thickness is increased by 30%.