When to exercise after plastic surgery?


When to exercise after plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is considered a surgical procedure that involves both appearance improvement as well as facial and body tissue defect reconstruction which occurs due to any accidental injury, illness or birth disorders. Plastic surgery mainly preferred by people to restore and improves function, as well as appearance. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss when to do exercise after surgery.

Knowing that it is safe to do exercise after plastic surgery is probably more important than some patients. Stressing the body too quickly after surgery can not only compromise cosmetic results but may also increase the risks of severe complications. Some of the best and renowned cosmetic surgeons will provide you structured and personalized instructions to follow post-operatively, including exercise regimens.

The following are common guidelines:-

First Two to Three Weeks after Surgery

During the first few weeks of recovery getting plenty of bed rest during is a must. Strenuous exercise and any physical activity that can lift your heart rate will be out of bounds during the first two weeks after surgery.

That being said, it’s a good idea to take a few walks around your home. Doing so promotes good communication, which is important for the healing process. You can start with three short walks per day. Increase the length and time of the walk as the days go by. If you find that it is too early to walk, be easy.

Three to Six Weeks after Surgery

Most patients are recommended by their surgeon to resume mild exercise after the three- to  four-week. As soon as you have been given the green light by your surgeon, you can resume your normal exercise routine, but at a modest pace. For example, your surgeon may recommend you exercise with 25 percent of your hard work or speed.

Six to Eight Weeks after Surgery

By the six to eight week mark, most patients are well enough and can resume most exercises at their normal pace or level of difficulty. However, it is very important to wait until you are cleansed by your surgeon. We recommend that you gradually build your patience.

This means gradually adding more time to your goals or adding more weight to your strength-training exercises. Always Listen to Your Body: If an exercise is painful, uncomfortable, or overly restrictive, come back.

If you are also planning to undergo any plastic surgery then you should do research on best as well as a renowned surgeon along with the clinic and go through the reviews of other patients. You should choose the highly-qualified and experienced surgeon so that your surgery is being performed by safe hands. Moreover, you should follow all the instructions which are provided by the surgery after surgery to get effective and efficient results.