When is Giga/Mega Session of Hair Transplant Surgery is Required?


When is Giga/Mega Session of Hair Transplant Surgery is Required?

We can already feel the pinch of hair loss setting  in the earlier years of men and women. With the ever-increasing cases of hair loss and the early onslaught of such cases, it is the demand of the time that medical science takes steps to curb it.

We already have treatment is the form of hair transplant. The technique which we follow during the hair transplant surgery also varies with the individual cases. One can opt for FUE hair transplant or FUT hair transplant according to one’s situation.

But there are certain situations in which both the treatments can be combined. This combined approach is known as Mega/Giga hair transplant session. The session uses both the techniques to extract the required number of grafts to fulfil the restoration process.

The requirement of Giga/mega Hair Transplant Session

Following are the situations in which the technique of Giga/mega Hair Transplant Session is required-

  1. High-grade baldness

If the patient is affected by a high grade of baldness, there is a requirement of Giga/mega Hair Transplant Session. The combination of FUT and FUE technique will be able to compensate for the requirement of a large number of grafts. A higher grade of baldness naturally requires a higher number of grafts. The combined technique is the ideal way of fulfilling the high requirements.

  1. High-density hair transplant-There are some cases which need a high-density hair transplant. It ensures successful results even when the donor area has a few numbers of grafts. It is used in patients who have a weak donor area (donor areas with less number of hair follicles).
  2. Save up on time and energy

Here comes the most advantageous aspect of the technique -It saves precious time and energy. It involves just a single session to restore hair, even if the number of grafts required is more. It is beneficial for both the patient and the doctor as it saves time, money and effort required by limiting it to a single session.

  1. Saves the donor depletion –Another important part of the technique is that it suits patients who have a weak donor area by avoiding donor depletion. A patient with a high-grade baldness is likely to have a weak donor area. The technique is helpful in offering the required follicular units in just a single session. This helps in preventing donor depletion.

5. Saves money –If the patient undergoes many sessions to restore his hair, he is likely to foot a heavy bill. But with the Giga/mega Hair Transplant Session, the cost factor decreases as the treatment finishes in a single session only. It not only saves the fatigue both for the doctor and the patient but also cuts the cost.