What to choose- Single or Multiple hair transplant session


What to choose- Single or Multiple hair transplant session

Lack of hair density significantly affects your appearance and confidence level. When a person suffers from undesired hair fall, the only thing they should do is to consult hair transplant expert. In order to undergo hair transplant procedure, you should be aware of various factors to consider. Just like every technique, there are some advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, it is essential to discuss your problems with your surgeon and collect the entire essential information about why choose hair transplant and how beneficial it is.

When a doctor works on a new scalp on which no procedure has been executed earlier, it offers extensive elasticity. Essentially the blood flow in a new scalp is superior additionally, hair position and orientation are also good, as it has not been prohibited in any way. It allows doctor to receive a large count of grafts.

Advantages of single session

  • Single session refers that surgeon covers as lot as feasible
  • Larger area is covered in the initial session, a person who receives the treatment will spend less time out of the office. They become able to resume their routine within a couple of days.
  • As soon as a fewer sessions will be needed, certainly the magnitude of money needed will also be nominal.

Drawbacks of choosing single session

  • As the surgeon will try to cover a larger area, there is a chance of more strain development on the person receiving this procedure.
  • An individual who receives this procedure may receive tired procedure that is related to a greater strain on surgeon and team conducting the transplant. If the staff is tired, there are more chances of inefficient results.
  • If surgeon chooses FUT process, the scars are larger than in FUE.
  • The received results may not be like those as expected.

Multiple sessions

Similarly multiple sessions can be conducted according to the need of hair density. For this, the serving staff is never in hurry. The density is specifically an enhanced factor when it is about the smaller sessions as the surgeons can concentrate on perfecting the little region that they have separated.

The drawback is that little incisions are made that make the process very common. In multiple sessions there are great chances of overharvesting.