What is the thigh lift procedure and how should you prepare for the surgery?


What is the thigh lift procedure and how should you prepare for the surgery?

A thigh lift is a surgical approach to provide the patient with the desired thigh shape. During surgery, excess fat or skin is taken out. Through this approach, your thigh will have the contour you are looking for. The procedure can be done for the inner or outer thigh. To get the best treatment for Thigh Lift Surgery in Punjab, you should visit our hospital.

What do you need to know about thigh lift?

The patient is administered general anesthesia or sedatives through the vein. The incision type is based on the problematic area. Different incision types are:

  • The incision is done in the groin area which goes to the bottom and circles around the thigh back.
  • The incision is given inside the leg area from the groin & then it goes to the knee which helps to take the excess skin away.

Incisions are closed with the sutures, skin adhesive tape, or clip. Absorbable sutures dissolve within 4 months. In case of superficial incisions, non-absorbable sutures are used and these are removed 1 to 2 weeks following the surgery. The outcomes are noticed right away after the surgery. To notice the complete change, wait for the swelling or bruising to subside which takes around one month.


Who can undergo thigh lift surgery?

The suitable candidate for the thigh lift surgery is:

  • A person with stable weight
  • A person who does not smoke
  • A person with excessive soft tissue in the outer or inner thigh
  • A person who follows a healthy diet plan.


How to prepare before the procedure?

During the condition, the doctor will talk to you about the detailed history of your medical condition, personal preferences, medications you take, and any other important question. In all, here are few things which the doctor will do:

  • Lab tests to assess whether you are fit for the treatment
  • Medications are prescribed
  • Changes are made to the current medications
  • Do not smoke before and after surgery


What are the procedure types?


Medial thigh lift ●     Procedure removes the extra fat and skin from the inner thigh

●     Incision – one the pubic and thigh junction.

●     It is beneficial for:

–       Making the leg contour better

–       Improves skin elasticity

–       Skin tightening

Lateral thigh lift ●     Tightens the skin from the outside and front.

●     Incision – top of the leg

●     Skin is pulled up & stitched back with sutures

●     It is beneficial for:

–       Tightens the skin on the left and right.

–       Best for people with loose skin due to weight loss.


How to take proper care after surgery?

The incision is closed with a bandage or dressing & it helps you to go through the healing with ease. Wear compression garments for the time suggested by the doctor to reduce swelling and give your body the new contour. Small tubes are placed below the skin to take out the excess fluid around the incision area. It is best for the patient to use a reclining chair or stay in a standing position till the time you have healed.