What is the Importance of Donor Area in Hair Transplant?


What is the Importance of Donor Area in Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplantation is the treatment in which different factors need to be kept in mind to get good results. Some of the factors like natural results, efficient donor area, and good coverage. Additionally, the skills of the surgeon are an utmost important part of getting the treatment. Read the guide, to learn the importance of the donor area.

What is the donor area?

The donor area for hair transplant is located at the back of the scalp and sometimes the side of the scalp. The hair that grows in this part of the scalp is genetically resistant to male pattern baldness which is in the effect of DHT. The hair growth occurring in the donor area is the perfect choice for hair transplant surgery as they grow their hair permanently and hair does not get affected by DHT. 

The surgeon will extract the strong hair follicles and this will help to get the best possible results. Hair follicles will have a good volume which is robust and it will help the patient to get the desired results. 

What is the method to remove donor hair?

The hair is extracted from the donor area in a precise manner which our surgeon is fully aware of. By doing so, the donor area is not damaged during the surgery. 

  • During an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) the surgeon will use the punch device which ranges from 0.6mm to 0.9mm. With the device, small entry points are made into the scalp to extract follicular units. The surrounding tissues are also extracted with minimal trauma and it gives the best results. 
  • During the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) a strip of hair is cut from the donor area. This method is also known as strip harvesting. In the donor area, stitches are made and it leaves a linear scar on the scalp. 

What is the way to avoid overharvesting?

The best way of avoiding overharvesting is to communicate with the surgeon. You should not be afraid about overharvesting and listen to what your doctor tells. The skilled surgeon will give you the right treatment plan and schedule the session accordingly. The surgeon will maintain the quality of the treatment and make sure everything is done in the way it needs to. 

How can I take care of the donor area?

Following the treatment, the patient is given a list of procedures on how to take proper care. You must follow everything as prescribed to make sure healing is smooth. Take all the medications on time and follow a proper diet plan. You should quit smoking and alcohol before and after the surgery for a certain time. 

For 3 to 4 weeks, you need to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. You should cover the scalp while going out.