What is Female Pattern Baldness? Is it Curable?


What is Female Pattern Baldness? Is it Curable?

When we talk about balding, we often visualize men. But the fact is that women are just as susceptible to the condition. About one-third of women the world over experience hair loss at some or the other point of their lives. Female pattern baldness is an ugly truth.

What Is Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss in women is known  as androgenetic alopecia. It is the most common factor of hair loss in men as well as women. It causes the person to be inherently sensitive to the influence of male hormones or androgens. Thus, it results in thinning of hair but rarely leads to a receding hairline in them. This condition is often seen in women after menopause. Some younger women may also show this kind of baldness. The baldness appears as thinning of hair but the hair loss in the front is more apparent.

Cause of  female pattern baldness

Although hormones also cause hair loss after menopause, the genetic predisposition also matters. If your parents or grandparents suffered from it, then you are also susceptible to the condition. So female pattern baldness could be due to genetics or the interplay of hormones.

What are the indications of female pattern baldness?

There are various types of female pattern baldness. So the hair loss in women can be divided into three categories.

Different stages of female pattern baldness can be seen. The last resort in curing the condition is a female hair transplant.

According to the intensity, 3 different stages have been identified-

Stage 1. Hair thinning around the parting

Stage 2.The thinning increases near the parting

Stage 3. The hair throughout the scalp starts thinning and many bald areas around the crown can be seen.

Female pattern baldness treatment

Hair loss in women will occur after hormonal changes like pregnancy and menopause. It will also show the effect on the hair if you discontinue your birth control pills. Mostly, the loss is temporary and the hair grows back after a year. But in some cases, it might not. Then you need to speak to the specialists.

Diagnosis of Female pattern baldness

In case you notice thinning of hair, it is wise to see a doctor. He will examine the scalp and judge the hair loss pattern. One usually doesn’t need testing for diagnosing Female pattern baldness. If another type of hair loss is suspected then one may opt for a blood test which will check the levels of your thyroid, androgens and iron content. All other reasons for the hair loss may be diagnosed through the blood test.

Treatment for female pattern baldness

You may be able to hide the hair loss in the initial stages by hiding your head under a scarf or adopting a new hairstyle, but eventually, you will have so much thinning that it will be impossible to hide. A treatment plan must be worked out as soon as possible.