What is burning Scalp Syndrome?


What is burning Scalp Syndrome?

Well, people often get itchy scalp which might not cause so much trouble. But imagine if you feel a burning sensation which can be painful and it might not go away also. This is referred to as burning scalp syndrome. Read the given to learn about this condition in a better way.

Burning scalp syndrome is also known as scalp dysesthesia and trichodynia. This problem affects the people suffering through hair loss conditions like telogen effluvium (which occurs because of stress or shock), and androgenetic alopecia (thinning or balding of hair). The exact reason of this problem is not known.

Signs and symptoms

Given below the topmost symptoms and signs of burning scalp syndrome:

  • Burning sensation of the scalp
  • Itchiness of the scalp
  • Prickling sensation on the scalp
  • Pain or irritation in the scalp
  • Scalp redness
  • Hair loss is getting severe
  • Hair shedding is increasing

How burning scalp syndrome is linked with stress?

There are some conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety are linked with burning scalp syndrome. If you have suffered from severe stress or some type of traumatic event then the chances of burning scalp syndrome and telogen effluvium increase.

It can be quite hard to predict how does the body gets affected by stress. So, it is essential to manage the stress and change your lifestyle choice so that your health will be improved for the better.

It would be best if you opt for hair loss treatment right away so that the problem does not increase in the future or get worse. One of the best treatment options which have been proven effective in solving the problem is hair transplant as it helps in giving the desired results the patient is looking for.

Opting for stress management methods

The ideal choice is to go for a stress management technique. In this, stretching, meditation, exercise, yoga, brisk walk, and getting enough amount of sleep is included. Whatever option you choose they will prove beneficial as they reduce the stress and make you feel more relaxed and reducing the effect of the condition.

Is there any other treatment option for burning scalp syndrome?

  • In some cases, the use of shampoo along with moisturizer can help to get relief from the discomfort.
  • Trying a new hairstyle can also help the patients. But, keep in mind you should not tie the hair too tightly as they put pressure on the scalp skin.
  • Managing the intake of Vitamin D and protein can also help. This means working on your diet can improve the condition a lot.

Seeking help at the right time

Being proactive in this situation can help you a lot. We encourage you to seek help from the doctor so that the problem is treated at the right time.