What is Body Contouring All About?


What is Body Contouring All About?

The surgery of eliminating fat has many methods of transforming procedures mostly performed after weight loss for pinpointing the folds on arms, chest, abdomen, bottoms, which help patients get a natural, exquisite shape. In case you are also one of those who has much more weight, on your body or has excess fat, try removing that weight and see the difference in your life. You can then wear your favorite clothes, also.

I have mentioned below, some information on all those who are planning to get Fat removal done:

Who is considered a good applicant for the process?

In case you have achieved your aim of weight loss and your weight is also balanced for at least 7 – 8 months (if not more). Improvement in body contours from fat removal surgery should be able to last for many years to come.

  • You are in blooming health because being ill can pose a danger to the surgery.
  • fat removal surgery will surely work wonders in your looks but not for your body
  • Some marks may be visible, especially when wearing swimsuits.

Which methods are there in Fat Removal Surgery?

There are many methods in the surgery, but the methods vary from person to person, depending upon their condition. Some may require all the methods to be performed, while for some just a few might do the trick.

  • Lower Body Lift (Tightening loose skin of stomach, hips)

This is performed to compress tissues present in stomach, thighs, hips. It is commonly used by all those who have undergone weight loss process. the surgeon will put large cuts or openings, above the hip. After this, they will try tightening the stretched muscles of the abdomen, and then take out all eh extra, sagging skin from the front as wells back of stomach, hips, after which they will lift the remaining matter, for a wow looking you.

  • Panniculectomy (Extra Skin Below Navel).

Many weight loss patients are left with a significant “apron” of fat, called a pannus, hanging from below the belly button. A panniculectomy removes this apron of fat to restore a smoother, firmer torso. The incision is similar to that for a tummy tuck, located just above the pubic bone. While a panniculectomy can dramatically improve a patient’s comfort and help clothing fit better, it will not significantly tighten abdominal contours when performed as a standalone procedure.

  • Upper body lift procedures(torso)

The excessive fat on the upper body leads to bra bulge or bra roll, loose fat which also hangs on upper arms. Upper body lift surgery aims at improving these areas.

  • Arm Lift

The doctor gives a cut on the inside or underside of the upper arm, all this fat which is loose along with the extra fat is taken out to form a more firm, upper arm.

Back Lift

The process is a mixture of liposuction and fat removal to minimize “bra rolls” and also to restore a more smooth, firm, upper back. Cut are put along the bra line, where the marks will not be visible.

What Are the Risks?

Many risks are involved in this method:

• Infections
• Shock (due to lack of fluids during operation)
• Bleeding
• Anesthesia can also pose some issues.