What do you need to follow while going on a holiday following a hair transplant?


What do you need to follow while going on a holiday following a hair transplant?

After undergoing the hair transplant, most of the patients ask this question, ‘Is it possible to go on a holiday after the treatment?’ Patients who have undergone FUE or FUT need to follow aftercare so that they get the best results. When you are going outside, you need to be careful about the sun and the sea as it can result in more harm. So, following the after-care instructions suggested by the surgeon is important.

 Is it possible to sunbathe after hair transplantation?

At least for a few weeks, you need to avoid direct sun exposure after the treatment. It needs to be done due to the following reasons:

  • After FUT or FUE, the scalp will have surgical incisions, and you need to give it time to heal. If the incisions are exposed then it can affect the healing process, and scalp tissues are affected that can damage the hair follicles.
  • After the surgery, the scalp is numb, and getting in the sun can burn the scalp that affects the results. Moreover, it can impact the long-term results of the surgery and recovery process.

You can wear a loose hat so that it does not rub against the sun and preferably wear sunscreen so that the scalp skin is protected.

 Is sweating going to affect the results of hair transplantation?

Hot weather leads to increased sweating. Following the surgery, the scalp is sensitive and if you do not take proper care then it can irritate the hair follicles. Sweating can lead to bacteria build-up which increases the chances of infection.

You should stay indoors and avoid doing extreme workouts which can lead to sweating. You need to wash the hair 2 days after the surgery. Avoid rubbing the scalp and do not put direct pressure on the scalp as it leads to increased irritation.

Is it possible to do swimming after surgery?

Summer holidays call out for fun and excitement and taking a dip in the pool. However, pool water contains chlorine which makes the hair fragile and brittle. Make sure to give your scalp enough time to heal so that the chemicals do not affect the transplanted hair follicles.

*Keep in mind, every person’s recovery phase is different, and it depends on how the body reacts. You must take preventive measures for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. 

How much time do I need to wait to go on holiday?

No doubt, the final call is yours whether you need a holiday right after the surgery or not. But, keep in mind if you do so, then many factors can affect the results of the treatment. Sitting in the sun after the surgery can result in many issues but if you are taking precautions and following the doctor’s advice then healing goes smoothly.