What Are The Stages Of Hair Growth?


What Are The Stages Of Hair Growth?

Our hair is vital for maintaining our good looks. A shining mane is sure to enhance our looks while a dull, brittle mop of hair will not look very pleasant. People with healthy, shiny hair appeal to our senses while people with dull, lackluster hair don’t seem to be so attractive. Certain medications,aging, and stress take a toll on our hair and we often end up with extensive hair loss. We often start looking for avenues for hair fall treatment. If the medications and therapies don’t work, then it is wise to settle down for hair transplant.

The central idea of this post is to inform the reader about the various phases of hair growth, the reasons of hair fall and the various methods by which we could save our crowning glory.

Hair – A Look At Its Life Cycle

Hair growth occurs in a cyclical form which contains 3 phases.

1. Anagen

This is the first phase. In this phase, the cell division occurs. The old cells are pushed outside the hair bulb and as a result, they start growing. This phase lasts for 3 years. The maximum growth recorded in this phase is half an inch every month. At any given time,85% of hair follicles are found to be in the growth phase.

2. Catagen

This is the second phase of the hair growth cycle. In this phase, the hair stops growing. This phase usually lasts for a month. The hair follicle of the hair starts shrinking in this phase. The hair does not fall out in this phase. At a given time, about one percent of hair is in the catagen phase.

3. Telogen

This is the final phase of the hair cycle. It is also called the falling phase. The mature hair falls off in this phase. The duration of this phase is about 3 months. After the hair falls, the hair follicles re-enter into anagen phase again. At a given time, about 10% of hair is in the telogen phase.

Changes In Hair According To Our Age

As the seasons change and as we age, our hair behaves and grows differently. On an average, we undergo 25 hair growth cycles. As the hair is in different phases, we sport the same number of hair on our head. The ratio between the anagen and telogen phase is called A/T ratio and is usually 80:20.

Hair Changes At Different Stages Of Life

During our lifetime, we have about 25 hair-growth cycles. Ideally, the ratio between Anagen and the Telogen phase known as A/T ratio is usually 80:20. The changing seasons also influence our hair growth. Hair growth is faster in summers and slows down in winters. Also as we age, the growth rate decreases. Hair fall may also be triggered due to hormonal changes in the body.