What are the factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant treatment?


    What are the factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant treatment?

    So, you have stumbled upon this blog wondering about the hair transplant cost. On average, a Hair Transplant in Punjab costs around Rs 30,000 or you can say depending on the hair grafts you need it will vary. The average cost of each transplanted hair graft will cost around Rs 20 to Rs 30. The subject of cost is going to be different as per your needs and complications & how many sessions do you need to get.

    Factors to determine the hair transplant treatment cost

    • Well, the price for hair transplant treatment is easily affordable for any person. Although, you should not choose the clinic which offers you low-cost treatment as this is the place where there is no need to compromise on any aspect.

    Without a doubt, the knowledge, expertise, and highly efficient tools with international standards will make the treatment affordable.

    • The type of hair transplant is FUE or FUT, both provides effective results and most importantly permanent hair growth. Only and only a good hair transplant doctor will be able to tell you how the treatment needs to be done effectively & they will be able to fulfill all your requirements.

    Well! The type of procedure the surgeon will choose or you want to get will also add up in the treatment cost. Additionally, the total number of sessions which need to be done will make a lot of difference. So, the process of the treatment and how many hair grafts you need will make a difference.

    • Now, comes the part where the patient needs to have sufficient hair follicles. So, the patient donor area needs to have a healthy scalp and enough number so that they can cover the bald parts and thin parts of the scalp. This way the hairline will be made with perfection and the hair growth will be natural. So, this is the reason doctor experience and the place where they provide the treatment are essential.

    Get the right solution for hair loss

    It is better that you do not delay the urgency of the situation. If you have rapid hair loss, then make sure to consult the doctor on time. For every case, the reason for hair loss is different and it can be genetics/hereditary, hormonal imbalance, environmental pollution, sedentary lifestyle, and much more. It can be confusing and all this confusion will only be solved by the doctor.

    Book your initial consultation

    If you are looking for a hair expert but not able to find one, then you have come to the right place. Our experienced hair surgeon will determine what is best suited for your condition. He will evaluate the reason for hair loss, see how many hair grafts do you need, and whether you need FUE+FUT or any of the one procedure. Do you have any concerns in mind? Please feel free to ask the doctor. Book your initial consultation at the earliest.