What are some modern and upcoming trends in hair transplant


What are some modern and upcoming trends in hair transplant

Hair baldness is a common reason to have anxieties and low self-esteem issues. The problem has an easy solution which is getting a hair transplant done. The procedures related to it are getting technologically advanced over a period of time and are gaining a lot of success.

Hair treatment trends arise with the people suffering from ALOPECIA or people suffering from scalp baldness. They resort to treatments like scalp pigmentation or hair transplant. The results of hair transplant surgery are good. The technology used in the surgery is getting more and more advanced with the period of time. The people are able to boost their confidence and self-esteem levels after getting a hair transplant in Ludhiana. Starting from robotic technology to the more advanced hair transplant clinics, more is to be offered to the generation and upcoming one. The procedure of hair transplant lies in the hands of a specialized doctor who will consult you beforehand regarding your problem and its solutions.

Following are the upcoming trends which will revolutionize this field of hair transplant 

1) ARTAS robotics, a doctor-assisted robotic technology – As the name suggests this technology helps the doctors with the use of robotics to develop specific and expected results that is better than any other plantation method today. It involves low human error and the use of better algorithms to carry out the process. The patient experiences minimum pain and a faster recovery in this case.

2) Follicular unit excision – This is a modification of Follicular unit extraction as it involves certain changes than the previous technology. The process is invasive in a way that involves manual removal of hair follicles from the donor area and then inserted to the recipient area. The results are natural with fewe side effects.

3) Hair Cloning – A newer area with success stories still to be published is a process where the hair follicles taken using FUE are cryogenically frozen and stores unless they are required. This technology is still to be practiced as widely as others and is undergoing many trials and experiments. 

4) Advancement in beard and eyebrow transplantation – People are resorting to getting fuller beard and thicker brows with the technology of planting of facial hair available. Such a hair transplant related to beards and eyebrows are done using FUT and FUE procedures where your baldness or patchiness is all covered by transplant of real hair to that area that needs to be treated. They are also known to have fewer side effects and you are better if consult a good doctor to realize your dreams.