What are non surgical hair loss treatments available?


What are non surgical hair loss treatments available?

Hair loss is the major issue experienced by people of different age groups. In that case, it becomes essential that you choose the best treatment plan to control the problem at the right time. This guide will let you know in detail about the non-surgical hair loss treatment options.


With time, medical science has advanced a lot which helped different treatments to get better. Specifically, the hair loss treatment has advanced a lot. Now there are better choices to regrow the hair and to deal with the baldness problem once and for all. For some people, pills and medications work in the best manner. If you do so, then you should keep on using the way your doctor has advised you to. Given below are the non-surgical treatment options which can work effectively:

  • Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP therapy has become extremely popular because of the way it works. The PRP in India is now the best treatment option to deal with hair loss. During the procedure, the doctor takes the blood and spins it so that platelets can get separated from the cells. After that, the platelets are put back into the liquid part of the blood. 

The platelets contain protein which helps in growth factor and this makes the healing faster. With time, the treatment is used to regrow the hair. The PRP injection is put into the scalp with the needle. The treatment helps because it helps in hair growth as it stimulates the hair follicles. 

How long does it take to see the results?

The doctor can start with 2 treatment sessions. After a few months, the hair can seem thicker and fuller as compared to earlier. One of the studies has shown that people can get the desired results they are looking for. In some cases, the treatment is needed again after 6 months when the hair growth process slows down. In some cases, the doctor uses the PRP during hair transplantation so that hair growth is better. 

  • Low-level laser therapy

Well, it is not sure how this type of therapy works so that the hair loss can be stopped. It might be possible the hair follicles can grow, the reproduction of the cells can be increased or improve the working of the cells. 

With the low laser, there will be no problem of tissue getting burned, hot, or hurt. Their main purpose is to increase the blood flow into the hair roots and then bringing the nutrients and energy to the hair so that they can grow. Ideally, it is best that you consult the medical expert so that the treatment gives the desired results you are looking for. 

When I can see the results?

With LLLT the fuller and thicker hair will come in 6 months but this treatment won’t help if you are completely bald. For detailed information, consult the medical expert today only!