Warning Signs of Baldness That You Should Notice


Warning Signs of Baldness That You Should Notice

Hair is one of the most important parts for any person and we all want it should look perfect. But the reality is at some point we all will experience some form of balding and thinning of hair. No doubt, no one wants to experience the problem of loss of hair. In most cases, this issue comes with age. However, there are many people who experience this problem at an early age. This happens because of different reasons such as lifestyle factors, diet, smoking, drinking, medications, hormonal imbalance, and intake of drugs or steroids. Additionally, the problem of male pattern baldness is more common as compared to female pattern baldness. There are some signs which will help you know if you are going to the face of baldness at an early age.

  • Excessive Hair Fall In The Shower And On The Pillow

One of the biggest nightmares is to wake up and see a huge amount of hair on the pillow. Additionally, this is the first sign of early balding. During the shower, you also notice a huge clump of hair when you wash and conditioner your hair. It is not necessary that how much hair you are losing but whether are you getting back that hair quickly or not. If you are experiencing this issue then you should get hair loss treatment. The doctor will also advise you the option of hair transplant to get the hair back.

  • Receding Hairline

Another thing which you should keep in mind is that balding takes place in the pattern that is why it is referred to as pattern baldness. The male pattern baldness starts at temple and forehead which recedes over time. You will notice thin and brittle hair and eventually, the hair follicles will become weak. Female pattern baldness is comparatively slow and it takes longer to reach the stage of balding.

  • Itchy and Flaky Scalp

Some people notice itchy and flaky scalp which is caused by a build-up of sebum and this also gives rise to the problem of dandruff. Due to this, the person feels itchy scalp and when try to it make the hair follicles to break out easily which leads to hair loss. Keep in mind that this factor alone is not the only cause of balding but they are correlated to each other.

  • Hair takes longer to grow

The hair follicles enter to resting phase which might give rise to hair loss because the hair is not getting all the vital nutrients and minerals. So, when you get a hair cut the hair takes longer to grow.

  • Thin and dull hair

If you notice dull and thin hair for a long time then eventually the hair will fall out. This is another reason for balding.