Top Facts about Hair Transplant You must know


Top Facts about Hair Transplant You must know

We all are well aware of the procedure of hair transplant and the magnificent results it delivers for patients who are facing extreme hair loss. At the profile hair transplant centre, we make sure that our patients enjoy a great experience and walk out with a smile. However, we would like to clarify some facts about the procedure –

  1. It offers a one-time solution to hair loss problems

We all feel embarrassed to approach the doctor again and again for our hair loss problems. With a hair transplant, you will be required to undergo the session for one or two sittings and you will be done for life. Of course, you will have to attend some follow up sessions but they will not last very long. The hair loss problem will end as the transplant requires moving the genetically resistant hair strands from the donor area to the recipient area. The stand will stay and grow like normal hair thereafter.

  1. Transplanted hair requires normal treatment

No, you don’t need to worry about losing your transplanted hair if you get a haircut, use shampoo or color it. You can treat your transplanted hair as normally as you want to. But, certainly, you will have to follow all the immediate aftercare instructions given by your hair transplant Surgeon.

  1. Hair transplant: painful or not?

If you are wondering if it pains to get your hair transplanted, then the answer is no. We know you must be relieved to hear about that. Hair transplant is carried out under local anesthesia and the expert surgeons make sure that the patient experiences comfort and ease during the entire procedure.

  1. What about the cost: Is hair transplant expensive?

Yes, the cost is a big factor. Although the cost has gone down in comparison to the exponential amount it took to see hair on your balding head, some people might still feel that it is a costly affair. Well, the price will vary for individual cases depending on the number of grafts required, the experience of the surgeon and the infrastructure of the clinic. However, the cost has certainly gone down in recent years.

  1. What has age got to do with it ?

Too young people are discouraged from undergoing a transplant as their hair loss may be due to hormonal problems. Otherwise, there are no stringent age criteria for hair transplants. However, you must try out other options before trying it out but not before your prized donor area runs out of resources.