Tips to Recover after FUE Hair Transplant


Tips to Recover after FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant technique is the most recent and modern method of transplantation. This is the hair transplant method which offers you many benefits such as fast recovery, less scarring, and permanent results.

But you have to follow some of the instructions which will help you to recover fast and improve hair growth.

Let’s have a look at tips of fast recovery after FUE transplantation.

Avoid touching

You should avoid touching your transplanted region because it may cause infections and some other types of scalp problems. Moreover, it may prevent your hair growth after the transplantation because your scalp is so touchy and sensitive. So, in this way you should avoid touching the transplanted area on your scalp.

Eat healthily

you should eat foods that are rich in minerals and proteins because our hair is made of keratin. And keratin is the type of protein, so you should only consume healthy foods. And you have to avoid processed and oily foods, not only these you should also avoid foods that contain preservatives.

Rub ice cubes

You must rub ice cubes above to eyebrows because it is useful to reduce the risk of swelling and redness. In addition, make sure you should not rub ice cubes to the scalp. Because it may worsen your condition and harm your scalp. Moreover, you should not apply ice cubes directly to your scalp, you must wrap them in a cotton cloth and then rub on the forehead.

Follow post-care instructions

You should follow post-care instructions which are given by your surgeon because these are useful for fast recovery. You should take proper medications which your surgeon recommends you and use only those solutions which are prescribed by your surgeon.

Take some days off

It is a good idea to take some days off from your hectic schedule because going outside may worsen your condition. In this way, you are able to take care of properly. Additionally, you are also able to avoid dust, dirt, and direct sun exposure which is a reason behind scalp infections.

Use an only mild shampoo

You should only use mild shampoo and conditioner which is recommended by your surgeon. You must avoid chemicals and hair dyes because these are harmful to hair growth and these are responsible to harm your hair follicles which are necessary for hair growth. You can also talk to your doctor about the products if he forgot to tell you.