Tips to Prepare for Plastic Surgery


Tips to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

According to 2019 reports, plastic surgery has changed the lives of around 18 million people worldwide. The escalating numbers are no doubt alarming and there is only 1 direction in which the statistics will go: increase. However, if you are planning to undergo the procedure, you must keep a few things in mind: 

1. Research well– Ensure that you understand what the procedure is all about. You should also mark clear your goals which would better be realistic. There is nothing wrong with getting influenced by celebrity figures but make sure you are not idealizing the photo shopped versions of the celebrity’s body. They can be quite unrealistic and unachievable.

2. Board Certified plastic surgeon -Take the services of a Board Certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon should be well known, experienced and well qualified. Schedule a consultation and you should feel welcomed by the staff and the surgeon

3. Be sure that your health is OK : You must be sure that you are healthy to undergo this procedure. It might be established through getting a clearance from the physician, carrying out blood tests and a mammogram, in some cases. Be sure that you disclose all medical information related to you in detail and with honesty. It will help the doctor in taking note of your special condition, if any and be careful with it during the surgery.

4. Check the Price– The price will vary with every plastic surgeon. Different surgeons will charge a different price according to their experience, type of procedure, or the amount of the time they will have to spend in the operating room for you. It will be better if you have a clear price range. You should also make sure that it falls within your affordability range.

5. Control your vices : If you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, you will have to stop smoking six weeks before the surgery. This is done as Smoking leads to poor blood circulation which can inhibit the healing process and lead to major complications. It’s no use lying as almost all of them will test you for smoking. If found positive, you  might end up getting your surgery rescheduled or canceled.

6. Take time off for recovery –Different people will have different experiences with recovery. For some it will be easy, it will be tough. You will need the services of a caregiver for the first 24 hours post-surgery. He should be able to pick you up after surgery and drive you home. You will also be required to be careful with weights. You will not be allowed to lift more than 20lbs for a fortnight. You will also have to take some time off from the office as you are likely to have low energy levels and low mobility for some days.