Tips To Increase Testosterone To Boost Beard Growth


Tips To Increase Testosterone To Boost Beard Growth

With the advent of modern times and people idealizing the metrosexual male, many are bound to think that a beard may no longer be one of the most desirable physical assets in a man, but you have got the wrong notion. A nice , full beard has been and will always be the hallmark of masculinity. So definitely you need to have a full beard if you want to look manly and turn a few female heads when you walk into a room. While some men need not make any necessary effort for it, some may have to work on it. It all depends on how well endowed you are by nature.

The ones who are having a tough time growing a normal stubble may get the answer to their troubles in the levels of testosterone they have. The testosterone is a hormone related to males. A high level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) will increase your chances of having a well-endowed beard. The sensitivity of the hair follicles is another factor which determines the growth of the beard. A good level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) coupled with sensitive hair follicles will definitely grant you the ideal bearded look.

All said and done, it does not mean that men with lower levels of testosterone will have to suffice with thin beards. The unluckier ones can do many things to accelerate their beard growth.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Men with a thin beard will benefit if they include more protein in their diet.Including more meat, legumes and beans to your diet will help in abundant hair growth on your facial area. Besides these , you must also include carbohydrates which will be found mostly in walnuts, fish, citrus fruits and carrots. Try to steer clear of mint, alcohol, and flax

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

It pays to be active. You will not only appear physically appealing and masculine after working out, but it might also work wonders for your beard as well. Go gymming and include squats, bench presses, and deadlifts as these will give a good boost to your testosterone levels. Be sure you stick to your routine as results will be seen only after a regular spell of exercising.

Take Care Of Your Beard

The one that exists will benefit from being looked after. So keep your beard moisturized by regularly applying a moisturizer.Oils and lotions meant specifically for the purpose are available in the market.

Protect Your Skin

Keep the area of the beard clean by applying a beard wash. Following up with a conditioner will work wonders as it will soften the skin and promote beard growth.

Further, avoiding stress and getting a good sleep will benefit your whole body and your beard growth too.