Tips To Care For Your Eyes As These Are What Makes You Beautiful


Tips To Care For Your Eyes As These Are What Makes You Beautiful

The area around eyes is considered to be the most sensitive one and starts getting old sooner than others. The skin is quite delicate and thin and quite different from the rest of the places of the body, hence it requires all the more attention. The first thing that can be done is to safeguard the area from the harmful rays, also called UV rays. The best thing is to wear sunglasses and eyeglasses to keep them protected.

You can also try doing these things for the longevity of your eyes:


This has been the most popular home-based method; just keep a slice of cucumber on each eye. It is one of the traditional and very effective ways of removing dark circles surrounding your eye. They are one of the simplest eye care treatment.

Black/Green Tea Bags

Are your eyes feeling puffy? No worries, Just like Cucumber, cold tea bags will also do the needful of removing dark circles. Yes! That’s right. Besides helping with getting rid of dark circles, they will also remove puffiness and make you feel fresh.

Water or Herbal Tea

Being hydrated is also an important aspect of being healthy, besides hydrating the body and skin it also aids in keeping eyes healthy. It’s not necessary for you to drink 8- 10 glasses of water, some herbal tea can be added to your routine. Tea gives a good improvement in your skin and also in dark circles. Being hydrated helps dark circles in vanishing, in no time.

Rose Water

The skin around eyes is how you take care of yourselves. You can try rose water for keeping eyes healthy. Rose water is filled with natural goodness to keep eyes in a good state. Just sparking eyes with rose water will make a difference.

Quitting smoking

Smoking is bad, everyone knows, but still, those who are addicts never stop smoking. The chemicals are surely going to take away the glow from your body, not to forget your eyes.

Apply a little bit of honey under eyes and see the difference.

Load up your body with Vitamins
Consume more of Vitamin E to make your eyes look more attractive.


Keep cold metal spoons on eyes to reduce eye puffiness and inflammation.

In the least cases that all, these things don’t give you much effect, and then you can try getting Facelift Surgery done.

A facelift is a surgery involving removing signs of getting old, mostly done in the face or neck. It works in the body as follows:

  • Relaxes The Sagging Skin
  • Deepens fold lines between nose and edges of the mouth.
  • Removes fat which has fallen or is vanished
  • Lower Jaw Corrected.