Tips To Care For Donor Area After FUE hair transplant surgery?


Tips To Care For Donor Area After FUE hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for hair loss because it gives you natural results. It has two methods such as FUT and FUE in which FUE is the modern and advanced method of hair transplant. Whereas FUT is the traditional and conventional method to treat hair fall.

FUE method is less scaring and totally safe that’s why many people choose this method with the goal to treat their hair fall. Each method requires the same time for recovery, for instance, 5-6 months. But you have to follow post-care instructions such as bandage, sleeping, pain, and exercise. You should avoid heavy exercises for one week because it will harm your both donor and beneficiary areas.

Tips to take care of the donor area after the FUE hair transplant procedure

Avoid direct sun exposure

You should avoid direct sunlight because it will affect your hormones. And hormones play an essential role in hair growth or nourishment. You must avoid sunbath for next week after the medical procedure. Moreover, you should also avoid heating products because it will harm your scalp.


After the transplantation, you should follow the instructions of your surgeon. He will recommend you to bandage your donor area because it will prevent you from the dust and dirt particles. Moreover, it is useful to protect you from excessive bleeding from the donor area.


You should sleep in a proper position, doctors do not recommend you to sleep on your face because it may lead to swelling. You can use two or more pillows in order to reduce the risk of a serious problem. Moreover, you should sleep with your head elevated at 30 degrees for 4 days after the surgery.


In order to get relief from you should take antibiotics which are given by your doctor. Make sure you do not take medications without a prescription. You can also rub ice cubes over the eyebrows which will give you relief from swelling and pain. If you will experience severe pain and discomfort then you should visit your doctor once. Then he will examine the reason behind this condition.


You should avoid heavy exercise after the FUE hair transplant because sweating may harm your donor and beneficiary area both. You should try only lite exercises after a week so that you can feel energetic and comfortable. You should also avoid neck exercises because these can lead you to severe pain and swelling.


You should avoid extreme use of a comb and maintain a strategic distance from heating products. Because these can pull your hair and make condition worst. Heating products and overstyling are responsible for hair breakage and dryness.


You should wash your hair day after surgery but you can use only those products that are recommended by your doctor. Many shampoos are full of chemicals which may promote hair fall and scarring. You must use those products which are prescribed by your doctor. If you face any type of problem immediately visit your surgeon in order to reduce the risk of serious problems.