Time FUE Hair Transplants Takes to Heal?


Time FUE Hair Transplants Takes to Heal?

Hair loss issue is becoming is very common. For that hair transplantation is a very reliable option. Patients who are planning to get the FUE method of hair transplant might be wondering at what point they will be able to see the results. In this guide, we have mentioned the timeline of recovery for your understanding.

Method of hair transplantation

With time and improvement in technology, hair transplant procedure is considered as the most reliable option for hair loss. For the transplantation, there are 2 methods which are used FUE and FUT. Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation helps in giving the efficient results the patient is looking for. In case, you have opted for FUE hair transplant then you might be wondering how does it work and how much time will take to recover from the surgery.

Keep in mind that with every procedure the recovery time is different. After the hair transplant surgery, the doctor will give you prescribed instructions which will help you recover properly and on time. Aftercare will make a lot of difference to see the desired results and the effectiveness of the surgery will be even better. Once, the patient knows that you need this much time is needed they should plan their routine accordingly. In case, the patient neglects something or do not take proper care then it will affect the final results.

How does the Technique of FUE works?

  • In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), a strip of hair is taken from the scalp back. After that, the follicles are harvested and then they are transplanted to the problematic area. In this procedure, the hair grafts are removed one by one and then transplanted to the bald area.
  • It does not leave any scar on the scalp so it means the wound heals very fast and recovery time will be less.

What do the recovery and aftercare include?

  • The patient is allowed to leave the hospital after the surgery. But, there should be someone who can take you home as the patient is not allowed to drive.
  • Next day you have to visit to get a checkup and the surgeon will give you a shampoo to wash the hair.
  • After the surgery, for 7 to 10 days there will be redness and crusting in the transplanted area.
  • It is very normal to experience shedding of hair after some weeks. The hair will grow after some time.
  • You will be able to see the start of hair growth at the 3rd month. But to see the proper hair growth you need to wait for one year.

In short, you must follow the doctor’s guidelines which will ensure the success of the treatment. For more information, you can visit our clinic and discuss with the doctor.