Things You Should Not Do While Facing Hair loss


Things You Should Not Do While Facing Hair loss

Yes, it is difficult to discuss such issues but the truth is that hair loss is a common problem being faced by more than three-fourths of men. They are under the threat of balding once they cross the age of 50. The reason usually lies in the problem called male pattern baldness. It causes a great amount of hair loss and balding. Most men are so frustrated with the condition that it leads to great suffering. It also causes problems in their personal and professional lives. But the main course of action should be to adopt methods which help them out of the problem, not offer short cut methods which can lead to more frustration. The ultimate hair loss treatment calls for medical procedures. Hair transplant is one of them.

We are enlisting some of the methods which might seem to help but end up making you look like a clown. Please avoid mistakes such as :

  1. Comb Over – A Comb Over means swooping hair in such a manner that it covers the bald spot. But the attempt looks too desperate and people will only pooh you, so don’t commit this blunder.
  2. Spray-On Hair – You will be surprised to know about this product. It is a product which uses keratin powder to copy the look of short hair. But its a long way from resembling natural hair. The people will know its not real.
  3. Too Long Hair – You might end up considering growing the hair which exists. But it will only help in creating an uneven look. The net result will be that you will draw attention towards the thinning hair, not distracting people from it. This trend is, especially in young men.

The Right Way To Fight Hair Loss

  • Add Texture-Some people use products which use hair products which add texture to their hair. It will enhance the look of your hair although it will not help with your hair loss.
  • Gentle treatment –Avoid exposing your hair to harsh shampoos and soaps, heat and sunlight. Use tepid water instead of warm water during winters to shampoo your hair. After shampooing, pat the hair dry instead of pulling it or tugging at it.
  • Use natural shampoos-Use shampoos which have natural ingredients and promise to thicken the hair. The hair that exists will look its best with such shampoos. There are many shampoos with hydrolyzed wheat protein which make the hair look thick.
  • Embrace Your Look : One cannot reverse hair loss once it starts happening. It’s a natural part of aging. The people who love you genuinely will look beyond your hair. Don’t try desperate measures to look full- headed at the cost of your dignity. There are many methods which promise great results but only cause wastage of time and money. Don’t fall for such gimmicks.