Things you Should know about Tummy Tuck Surgery


Things you Should know about Tummy Tuck Surgery

So, you have finally decided to undergo the tummy tuck procedure. With its effective results and able to solve the problem completely the procedure has become very common. This guide will give you an insight into important things that you need to know about the tummy tuck.

Given below are the topmost things which every patient need to know about the tummy tuck surgery:

  • Tummy Tuck is not for weight loss

Patients always ask our cosmetic surgeon is it a weight loss procedure? This procedure is not weight loss. Ideally, the patient undergoing the tummy tuck needs to have an ideal weight. You can say that this works as a contouring procedure. 

These methods will effectively lower, move, or might remove the stretch marks if they are present on the lower skin.

  • Scars are of different types

The types of scar and location will depend on what kind of treatment you are getting. For the traditional approach, the scar will be from hip to hip and the doctor will make sure the scar is hidden under the bikini line. The scar around the belly button will be relocated during the treatment. 

With the mini-tummy tuck, a very little amount of skin is removed and the incision leaves a scar which is a little longer as compared to the C-section scar. 

  • You need to consider the cost

Like with every other cosmetic procedure there is a need for medical supplies and medications. You need to make sure to consult the best doctor who will give you detailed information about the procedure cost. When you visit our doctor for consultation he makes sure you are well-informed about the treatment.

  • Research properly to choose the best surgeon

The results of the surgery are best but for that, you need to choose the surgeon wisely. Find the board-certified surgeon because he will have proper training and have years of experience to give you the best possible results. Once you feel that you have made the right choice and comfortable with the surgeon you should get the process started. 

  • Liposuction can be combined with this procedure

With this procedure, liposuction can be performed which helps to sculpt the waist and love handle area. To get the best possible results this procedure will help to reshape and contour the area. 

  • For the first week, you need someone’s help

In most cases, the procedure is outpatient which means the patient can go home on the same day. But, yes they need to have someone by their side to help them with everything. At least for one week, the patient needs support to do all the work. 

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