Things You Must Do After hair transplant


Things You Must Do After hair transplant

Following any surgery it is important that you should follow certain points which help the recovery process to go smoothly and effectively. Same goes with the treatment of hair transplantation as the patient need to be careful so that the desired results are achieved. To learn more read the given topic.

What do you need to do after hair transplant?

So, you have recently undergone the treatment of hair transplant then it is essential that you limit the activities so that it gives your body enough time to heal. Here’s what you need to do in different scenarios.

  • In case of pain following the hair transplantation

After the transplant there is pain and for that, the doctor is going to prescribe you medications for the first 2 nights. The medications will help in controlling the pain. Make sure the medications are taken as prescribed by the doctor.

  • In case of swelling following the hair transplantation

Usually, the swelling and bloating are there on the forehead which occurs on the second day. This phase is temporary and it won’t leave any problem. It might be possible the swelling comes down to the eyelids. To avoid swelling it is advised to sleep in 45 degrees by using a pillow.

  • In case of Infection following the hair transplantation

Although, infections are very rare. But, still, you need to be careful while doing the daily task so that dirt and bacteria do not reach the scalp. Never touch the transplanted hair or donor area. Keep in mind, if following the hair transplant surgery, you notice swelling & redness then you need to notify the surgeon right away.

  • In case of exercise and work following the hair transplantation

For one week, exercising and any type of vigorous activity needs to be avoided. For 2 weeks, weight lifting is not allowed. For 3 weeks, sun baths and saunas should be avoided. The ideal choice is to take proper rest for 2 to 3 days and then get back to the daily routine.

  • In case of washing hair following the hair transplantation

After the surgery, on the third day you should wash the hair gently, but make sure you are not putting water with excess pressure on the scalp. You should never puck the transplanted hair follicles. If you are not sure how to wash the hair then ask the doctor as they can show you a video.

Be careful while combing the hair and be gentle so that planted hair grafts are not moved in any way. Do not use hair dryers for the first 2 weeks.

  • In case of peels following the hair transplantation

After the procedure, it takes 7 to 10 days for the peel to fall out or might take longer also. To soften the peels use bepantol.