Things about breast reduction women must know


Things about breast reduction women must know

A majority of American women undergo breast reduction surgery. However, there are many facts related to it which one must know. If you are one of the women who want to undergo the surgery, it is best to go through this website before making your final decision. Given below are the points put forward by a plastic surgeon that specializes in such surgeries.

The surgery involves more than one kind of incision 

In case you opt for taking out only a small amount, the doctor will use an areolar incision for you. It involves taking out only a small amount. Going by the nature of the incision, it is also known as doughnut incision.

 If you require the removal of more loose skin, then you will have to opt for a lollipop incision. This technique involves making an incision around the areola accompanied by a second incision that is made at the areola base. The technique gets its name as the shape looks like a lollipop when the skin is stitched together.

Wise pattern –If there is a requirement of more extensive reductions, this technique is used. It has two incisions that are used in the lollipop technique accompanied by an additional scar that is on the underside. It resembles an anchor in shape. Surgeons might introduce liposuction to help reduce breast tissue in some cases.

Have full growth before you decide to go under the knife

If you want to undergo breast reduction, you must ensure you’re your breasts have grown fully. The full growth stage comes at 21 years. You should not consider going under the knife before that age.

You may need more sessions

Even if you wait till the age of 21 to undergo the surgery, your breasts will likely change when you get pregnant or breastfeed. The change may also occur if you have significant weight loss or gain. So you may find yourself coming back for the surgery again, sometimes after 15-20 years of the initial one.

The sensitivity of your nipples will change after the surgery

Some women find that their nipple sensitivity has changed after the surgery. After the surgery, there may be a reduction or complete absence of sensation in the nipples.

It happens due to the agitation and cutting of nerves during the procedure. However, there are some cases in which the sensation increased.

If you are prepared for such changes, you may well proceed for the surgery.