The Forecast of The Global Hair Transplant Market As Of 2018


    The Forecast of The Global Hair Transplant Market As Of 2018

    The hair transplant market is currently one of the biggest parties in the cosmetic field. In only 5 years, the hair transplant sphere has terrifically invaded various global hospitals and cosmetic centres. One of the major influencers of the hair transplant market is the available market.

    Surely, millions and millions of individuals suffer from hair loss that eventually culminates in baldness. Although a wide range of non-surgical treatments is available to treat hair loss, these treatments aren’t effective on certain levels of hair loss. This makes hair transplantation the only permanent solution to hair loss today.

    The Hair Transplant Market Dynamics According To The Study
    The hair transplant solution generally emerged as a boon and according to a study, it’s market will develop speedily between the period of 2017 and 2023.

    This surgical methodology of hair restoration involves the transfer of hair follicles from the donor region to the recipient ‘bald’ region. The technique has managed to successfully treat and restore hair in both men and women. Due to its impact worldwide, the hair transplant market is expected to make USD 23,881 approximately with a CAGR of 24% at the end of the forecast period.

    The Market Players & Key Strategies

    The Market Players & Key Strategies
    The hair transplant sector is known for its major market players who include; Bernstein Medical, MEDICAMAT, Ethics hair instruments, Bosley and Restoration Robotics Inc. Company. These recurrently upgrade the hair transplant techniques and generally rely on strategic alliances, acquisitions, and investment in research and development.

    Surgery Types

    Surgery Types
    The hair transplant sector is ruled by two hair transplant techniques which include FUE ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ and FUT ‘Follicular Unit Transplantation’. These are recurrently being upgraded, but FUE soars above the FUT as the robotic approach of hair transplantation has taken over. The FUE technique leads the sector with a share of 52.7% in the entire world.

    Market Segmentation
    Although the hair transplant practice is conducted worldwide, there are major destinations or key market regions where the practice is commonly performed. These include;
    North America
    Asia Pacific
    Saudi Arabia, among others

    The hair transplant services are normally conducted in hospitals, dermatology clinics, trichology clinics, hair transplant centres, and major hospitals.

    Related Hair Transplant News

    Related Hair Transplant News
    The surgical technique of hair restoration ‘hair transplant’ is trending at a good rate. The methodology is opted by common people, celebrities, government officials and so on.

    Many of the candidates take their time to share their surgery experience on social media which has helped millions understand more about the procedure.

    Apart from restoring one’s natural hair, the surgery corrects the hairline and restores confidence.