Take These 3 Steps When You Notice Hair loss


Take These 3 Steps When You Notice Hair loss

Hair loss is the most common problem faced by both men and women. At times, it happens we ignore the signs of the problem which makes the issue even worse. In the guide, we will let you know various steps you should take when you notice the problem of hair loss.

For both men and women, they determine how comfortable they are with their appearance. Since shedding of hair is normal but we might ignore the hair loss sign which is known as alopecia. It might be possible that scalp is becoming more visible or bald spots are starting to appear. Additionally, after washing the hair you see more hair on the floor. Below, we have mentioned the important steps which you should take:

  • The way you treat the hair

To start with, you should first look whether you are styling your hair perfectly or not. Wearing the hair in tight bun or ponytail will put pressure on the scalp which will lead to gradual hair loss known as traction alopecia. Moreover, if you use chemical treatment or hair color product too much then it will lead to a problem.

  • The way you treat your body

Daily, what you eat will also make a lot of difference. Eating a balanced diet is very essential to keep yourself fit and healthy. Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins can lead to hair loss issue. If the iron level is low then it can make the hair follicles weak. You should include fish, dairy products, seafood, red meat, pork, poultry, low-fat yogurt, and cheese in your diet. Also, taking stress for a long time affect health as well as hair.

But keep in mind, if the issue is in excess then getting the hair loss treatment from the best doctor is very essential to prevent from getting further.

  • Consulting the doctor about female hair loss

Well, there are different causes of alopecia and consulting the doctor will help you know the reason immediately. They will let you know if it is a fungal infection, the problem is hereditary, or any other medical condition. Treating the problem at the right time will help to prevent the issue of hair loss.

Make sure you tell your doctor what medications you are taking. This might include blood pressure medication, antidepressants, beta-blockers, anti-seizure medication, and getting vitamin A in excess can even cause hair problem.

In most cases, the most effective option is a hair transplant. This is because after the hair transplant surgery the results are permanent and hair growth also matches the hairline. If you are facing any issue then visit our surgeon as they will give you the best treatment plan according to the problem you are experiencing.