Surgeons and Patients’ sides before a Hair Transplant


    Surgeons and Patients’ sides before a Hair Transplant

    When all other simpler alternatives fail to bring back the lost hair, a patient will choose to have a hair transplant. Many factors cause this problem for example stress and depression, genetic or heredity reasons, treatments like chemotherapy, alcoholism plus smoking and many more

    It is true that we can have the opportunity to have a hair transplant but let’s try to look at the sides of the players in this field.

    Patient’s side

    After thinking about it, the patient decides to have a hair transplant and the next step is from where. The main aim of a hair transplant is restoring back the lost hair and improving its but you find at times that there are more complications involved in this. Some of the complications that can arise after hair transplant surgeries are; bleeding and pain, itching, scarring, numbness and infections.

    What happens many times is that a patient may not make enough research about the doctor and this makes you choose a doctor simply because you were told about him or you think he is good.

    This can be the first mistake that many do, make a thorough survey about the surgeon and the cases that he has worked on. This will give you a clue about your own results.

    Make a thorough examination with the doctor about the affected area and the donor area. Take a responsibility as a patient to fetch the best results by cooperating with the doctor. Some men and women want the best results but don’t create time for them to be processed. Move in hand with the doctor’s advice to avoid the infections and scarring that may occur due to a few mistakes.

    Surgeon’s side

    • Many surgeons or doctors in this field have taken this opportunity to fetch money than delivering best services. Please try to avoid such by making a survey about one.
    • There is also the use of robots in some hospitals and clinics which I think is not best. A human doctor may be preferred to carry out the procedure
    • The doctor has to examine and advise the patient accordingly. A good doctor will tell you what is best for you and what to do to prevent the side effects. A good surgeon takes a lot of responsibility for the patient not just because he or she is a customer.
    • A good and experienced surgeon will have the good equipments for all the hair transplant procedures.

    With the increasing rate of hair transplant hospitals and clinics, patients and doctor have a role to play in order to have the best results and prevent the side effects. Surgical and non surgical treatments have to be used at times where necessary. With this, I guess we shall make hair transplant procedures better and acquire maximum satisfaction from them in the long run.