Some Uncommon Facts About Hair


Some Uncommon Facts About Hair

Hair is the most unique and individual part of the human body. Your hair can be short, long, wavy or curly. You may know how to style them or which hairstyle you want to get in your next salon appointment. But there are so many interesting and uncommon facts which you might be not even aware of.

  • Time

Have you ever thought how much time women spend on her hair? On average, every woman spends two hours in a week which includes washing the hairs, drying, and styling the hair. This means when you are 65 you will have spent 7 months on your hairs.

  • Growth

You must be aware that hairs grow in a cycle. But what are the stages of hair growth cycle? It includes three phases and the first one, is the anagen phase which lasts for 3 to 7 years. This phase covers at least 85 to 90% of hair. If the hair growth at this stage is more then you will not experience the problem of hair loss. The second phase is catagen and lasts for two weeks only. This at the end of the hair growth cycle but you will not experience any type of hair fall from the scalp yet. The last phase is the telogen phase and this last for 3 months. At this point, you will experience hair fall but every hair which is lost, a new hair will grow in its place.

  • Lossog_ttle

Every day a person loses at least 50 to 100 strands of hair. No doubt, it may sound too much but losing this much hair from 100,000 to 150,000 hair, it is pretty small. However, if you notice hair fall in excess then you have to consult the doctor for hair transplant.

  • Facial hair

On the face, the hair grows very fast as compared to other body parts. In addition to this, men spend at least 5 months shaving their faces throughout life.

  • Strength

The hairs are very strong as well as elastic. Not even this, they are stronger than a copper wire which is of the same diameter.

  • Fastest tissue

Your hairs are the fastest growing tissue in the human body, after the bone marrow tissue.

  • Length

Hair growth takes time and to grow them to your shoulder length it takes at least 3 years. Eventually, the total time will depend on the length you are looking for.

  • Combination

The hairs contain different elements such as 50% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulfur.