Some Common Hair care Mistakes That Damages Hair


Some Common Hair care Mistakes That Damages Hair

Hair Loss is usually a sign of aging. Every person, especially women become excessively thoughtful and anxious of hair loss and feel depressed as well. Although we feel it’s a natural process and most of us have to go through this but it is usually caused by some minor problems in our day to day life.

Here’s How:

Hair Loss is literally a root cause that can actually cause by the hairstyles you make (keeping hair on the forehead is bad) or the nutrients you take or maybe even lack of nutrients. Although it does not end up there. There are a lot of factors that might be the reason  for hair loss among both men and women.


There are people who wash their hair too excessively and some lazy people who like to collect dirt before they dye it with water. In reality, both are harmful for the hair. The thickness of the hair particles, the color and even the oil levels of our hair that determines how much you should watch your hair. You need to wash them at least once in two days if your hairs are excessively oily. If the thickness of the hair is dense, one needs to control how often they wash here. No single schedule is perfect for your hair so you need to find the appropriate type.

Tight won’t Fight

Most lazy people like me who don’t feel like or does not have the time to comb their hair while leaving home everyday tend to keep a pony or some bun or braid their hair. This tightness sometimes becomes the reason for the weariness of their hair due to a condition called traction alopecia. If you like to keep them together or tie them, try to avoid excessive tightness of your hair.

Trying to Maintain Wet Hair

  • The weight of  hair when wet is much more, simultaneously pulling the hair fallacies.
  • Rough and misuse of towel or combing them can cause the hair follicles to break down.
  • Experts recommend combing them gently before bathing and dry them softly using a towel.

Smoking is injurious to hair

Not only smoking kills, but also kills people’s hair. Smoking reduces the flow of blood through our organ system. Blood is the main source of nutrient for every cell, tissue or an organ. Insufficient amount of nutrients in hair follicles causes hair fall. Due to lack of flow of blood through organs, the growth of the hair also gets prevented and may cause bald spots.

50 Shades of Grey Hair

Getting older is a tough job but seeing yourself old is simply another story. Those grey little monsters on your head kills you from existence of you being childish. However, pulling them is not the right choice as it will definitely damage your hair. Pulling those grey little monsters is the easiest way one chooses to avoid embarrassment. All it does is weaken the strength of your hair causing bald patches. Try color  treatment instead to keep them healthy.

Hair is one of the most fragile and important part of your body thus needs intensive care. Stay healthy, stay happy