Root Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Effective Treatments


Root Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Effective Treatments

Hair loss is a scalp condition in which you encounter more hair fall than the normal one.

This hair loss condition is not an uncommon condition because everyone encounters this condition once in life. Hair fall only occurs when your hair follicles are unable to develop more new hair on your scalp, at that time you experience hair thinning and excessive hair fall. There is no need to worry if you are suffering from normal hair fall because it cures itself. But if you notice more hair strands on your pillow, in your comb, and shower, then this is a factor of concern.

These days, hair fall is common in men also because of some factors or causes. Let’s understand the reasons behind hair fall condition such as genetics, unhealthy eating regimen, health conditions, and scalp problems.

Causes of Hair Loss In Men

Unhealthy Eating Habits

In this modern era, no one has much time in fact, not for proper eating. Due to hectic schedule, people often prefer to eat from outside but processed foods or foods which contain preservatives harm your skin and scalp as well. And unhealthy diet prevents the supply of oxygen to your scalp due to which you encounter hair fall condition.


Millions of people encounter hair fall due to genetic factors. It means if your father had this type of hair fall condition once in a life, then you will surely encounter this condition. This type of hair loss is known as hereditary hair fall or male pattern baldness, which can only be treated with the best hair loss treatment.

Lifestyle Habits

Men who are addicted to drugs and smoking are at greater risk of male pattern baldness. Because these drugs contain harmful chemicals which prevent your hair growth and you experience hair fall.

Moreover, stress is also responsible for this hair fall condition, because a recent study reveals that stress is the reason for fluctuation in hormones. And hormones which are present in your body play an important role in hair growth. Stress can lead to an excessive amount of DHT hormone your body which stops hair growth.

Scalp and Health Conditions

Many people encounter hair fall condition due to scalp infection or a certain type of health conditions. These include, scalp infections, allergies which can lead to irritation, itching, hair breakage, and a certain type of cancer and cancer treatment is responsible for hair fall.

Prevention Tips From Hair Fall In Men

You can go with best hair fall treatment such as hair transplant because it offers you the natural looking hair growth with permanent results. Moreover, lifestyle changes also help to get rid of hair fall condition. In order to treat your condition, you should quit smoking and reduce your stress because these both are major reasons behind hair fall in men.