Relation Between Food Allergies And Hair loss


Relation Between Food Allergies And Hair loss

What is the normal amount of hair loss?

It is quite normal to lose hair. Up to 100 strands of hair can be lost on a daily basis. Many people do not even come to know of this. Especially if they love to adorn short hair. But, when the amount of hair loss increases then it surely is a worrisome thing.

Before coming to any conclusion, about hair loss. First of all, let’s see the causes for this to happen, then maybe we can figure out a solution like hair loss treatment for it. But, it is essential to first know the causes:

Some Common Food Intolerance’s Or Food Allergy’s Known To Cause Hair Loss:

Digestive System Diseases: Digestive system disease or celiac disease is believed to be a food allergy. It is an autoimmune disease and a major cause of hair loss. Many people having celiac disease are heard saying that they have excessive hair loss. The immune system of A person suffering from celiac disease makes antibodies to throw away the foods it is unable to digest. These further attack the filling of the small intestine. Hair loss occurs due to the malabsorption of certain nutrients.

Food intolerance or food allergy: many people are known to be allergic to wheat, soy, milk or some foods. All of these foods play a vital role not just in the health of a person physically but affecting other things like hair loss, also.

Making Friends With Stress: There are many people who love stressing on small things and have stress their friend. Stress, as we all know plays havoc on one’s health, not just mentally but also physically and in other forms. Hair loss is one of them. Going through stressful situations activates the autoimmune response in the body to make WBC’s or white blood cells attack the hair growth. This happens in some spots, rather than affecting all over the scalp.

So, now we know some of the major causes of hair loss related to food. But, having the right kind of food in right amount work as hair loss treatment. Let us see some of these wonder foods:

Salmon: Fish is known an like a boon for people having any hair loss issues. Salmon, also being a variety of fish, helps in hair growth and also in making hair thick.

Yellow peppers: All you vegetarians out there, don’t feel stressed thinking that only non vegetarian food can help in hair problems. If you do not like to have non vegetarian food, then there are plenty of options in vegetarian food, a swell for your hair.

Having Yellow peppers is great for your hair It helps in building strength to hair.