Reasons why many Individuals have bald spots & Possible treatments


Reasons why many Individuals have bald spots & Possible treatments

Baldness is scientifically described as alopecia areata, a condition that currently affects 50% of the Indian Male population. Hair loss gradually proceeds to baldness in case no proper treatment is conducted. The various causes of bald spots today are;

Lifestyle Habits

Many individuals today smoke, are alcoholic and stay up all night which pioneers hair loss at the fastest rate. Proper care is necessary to keep your hair follicles nourished and healthy or otherwise, hair loss will occur

Stress, Depression, and Tension

The modern world requires hard work that makes many individuals stay up all night and also deal with stressful conditions at their workplaces, home, relationships and so on. Prolonged stress and depression can affect one’s hair growth cycle

Scalp conditions

Various scalp conditions like Seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and dryness can trigger hair loss in the long run. These may be chronic or temporary that require treatment and proper hair care regimes

Thyroid disorder

Thyroid disorders pioneer in causing hair loss in the current era. Normally patients attain hormonal therapy, but a different treatment approach is required while treating hair loss


80% of alopecia areata victims are believed to have acquired the scalp disorder through genes. Genetically triggered alopecia commonly occurs during the late age but may be triggered faster due to lifestyle

Possible Treatments

The best treatment for alopecia is normally described as per one’s degree of baldness. Onset baldness is normally treated with non-surgical treatments whereas extreme baldness is combated with a hair transplant in India.


Also known as Rogaine, the treatment is normally prescribed to women with visible hair thinning. This treatment is taken for a period of six months or otherwise as the hair expert may prescribe


It is also known as Propecia, a common drug used for various reasons in males today. Finasteride comes in different proportions and for the best results, one ought to consult a dermatologist before utilizing the medication

Hair Transplant

There are various forms of hair transplant conducted to combat baldness;

FUT hair transplant

This technique requires a strip of hair to be cut from the side of the scalp to attain individual hair follicles. The strip is carefully dissected and the individual hair follicles are inserted into the scalp.

FUE hair transplant

This is one of the leading hair transplant procedure conducted today. The procedure can take various forms such as direct FUE hair transplant or BIO-FUE

The procedure leaves no linear scar and produces natural results. To know your options, a thorough evaluation is necessary for an advanced hair transplant centre