Reasons for choosing a hair transplant to eradicate baldness


Reasons for choosing a hair transplant to eradicate baldness

Hair loss occurs in men and women of all age groups, but the terrifying truth is that it is occurring to those below the age of 20. Hair transplants have led to increase in the rate of medical tourism in India and the developed countries.

What are hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplant procedures are techniques, mainly FUT and FUE used to extract and implant hair in different areas of the body. The procedures are performed by a surgeon in a reputed clinic to bring about the desired goal. The techniques can be elaborated below;


The follicular Unit Extraction is the technique that uses a specialized sharp needle to remove hair from the donor area and fix it in the tiny holes made in the recipient region. This procedure may require one session or more sessions depending on the extent of baldness. It is a minimally invasive technique and leaves no linear scars

With the advancement in technology, robots are also used to carry out hair transplantation using this technique


The Follicular Unit Transplantation also commonly known as the strip technique is performed by removing a strip of hair from the donor area normally at the back or the sides of the head where there is a great density of hair. The follicles are then dissected using a microscope after which they are implanted into the recipient region.

Consultation in hair transplant procedures

The threat of hair loss can be eradicated by the help of a dermatologist or a surgeon in the field of hair transplant. A good consultation procedure will help a patient discover the cause of his or her hair loss and how to stop the peril. Trained and experienced doctors provide all the information about the type of hair loss and the best technique for it

Why hair transplant is the best choice for baldness

It is the only permanent solution

Hair transplant restores back hair in the regions that had lost it. It doesn’t speculate the quality or the type of hair loss that one has which makes it a technique that can be trusted

It uses the latest technology

Hair transplant procedures use the modern equipment to extract and implant hair from one region to another. Body hair transplantation is also possible with the help of the latest technology

Best results

A hair transplant helps a bald person recover hair with a single procedure. For a greater density, a patient may have more hair transplant procedures, especially with FUE to attain more hair

High-quality procedures, care, and postoperative treatment

Hair transplant procedures are performed by experts that have aesthetic skills to bring forth quality results. Care and postoperative treatment are equally offered to patients to prevent complications and related risks

It is safe

Since these procedures are performed by the experts and experienced surgeons, patients are guaranteed from infections and complications. At the end, they get natural hair that can be styled and treated as the normal hair