Questions That you must Ask before Breast Augmentation


Questions That you must Ask before Breast Augmentation

You have been thinking for a long time to undergo the procedure of breast implants. Maybe you have talked to your friends to ask about their experience and also research on your own. Read the given topic to know which questions you should ask the doctor before the surgery.

With the advancement in technology and the field of science, it has given rise to various cosmetic procedures which include the non-surgical and surgical options. In that case, the most asked procedure for the plastic surgeon is a breast augmentation procedure.

All over the world, there are many women who have undergone the procedure of breast lift to enhance their physical appearance. Well, in that case, it is important that you consult your surgeon regarding the best possible option. Here are some of the top questions which you should ask before getting the surgery.

Important questions to ask before Breast Augmentation

  • Which breast size will be best for me?

The surgeon who is giving you the treatment will discuss with you what size will give you the best results according to your body proportion. Along with that, there are various factors like the total amount of skin on the breasts which will safely support your breast size.

  • Which implant is best saline-filled or silicone?

Each type of breast implant has its own benefits. Saline-filled implants are costlier and also the incision needed for implantation is small. On the other hand, the silicone-filled implants last for a long time, their movement and feel like natural breast tissue.

  • Which breast augmentation technique is the ideal choice?

Well, there are different techniques which help in giving the best possible results. There is a technique known as Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) which does not result in scarring, infection risk is less, and nerves get impacted less around the nipples.

  • Is the recovery process included in different stages?

The results from the breast augmentation procedure will be seen in different stages. The swelling after the procedure will go away within 3 months. But, the scars which occurred due to incisions might be still inflamed and they will be red at that time.

  • How much time is needed to see the final results?

The final results of the surgery take one year once the swelling has disappeared and the scars become less noticeable after that. Results from this surgery last for a lifetime, but most of the time the surgeon recommends it to get it replaced.

Consult the surgeon

So, you want to learn more about the procedure then it is ideal to discuss the procedure with the surgeon. After evaluating your condition the surgeon will give you a customized treatment plan according to your problem.