What is PRP therpy?

Platelet Rich plasma is the lab procedure used for hair loss and thinning problem. It is innovative treatment that can be used with hair transplant as combination which helps in refining the results of hair restoration.

In this therepy patients own blood is used from which blood plasmas are saprated. These blood plasmas contains 3-5 times  more concertration than the coursing blood. These blood plasma contain growth protiens that helps in wound feeling and regular hair development

The PRP therapy in Ludhiana can be ideal solution for both men and woman that are suffering from hair loss. This non surgical treatment can provide best results to the people that are suffering from male pattern baldness.

How PRP are received ?

Mesenchymal immature cells and autonomous blood cells that are found in human blood contain some specific properties that help in tissue recovery and wound recuperating. Injecting these cells in the body is the actual mystery behind PRP therapy results. Presence of these plasmas in the scalp during the transplant surgery helps in producing new hair, quick recovery and thick hair growth. Main fundamental for PRP therapy is getting reproductive blood cells from the body and injecting them again in the body.

How it works ?

For this non surgical method patient’s own blood is used. Patient’s own blood is taken and then blood segments are separated and intrigued to spin. After spin the highly concentrated plasmas that have 4-5 times more concentration than the blood are separated and infused.

In this procedure patient’s own plasmas with high concentration are infused in the bald area that triggers the wound healing.

After the completion of infusion, process scalp is invigorated to start the injury mending process. This process of infusion of the plasmas ends with the development of the rich section into the scalp.

Advantages of PRP therapy in Punjab, India

This lab procedure gives many benefits to the candidates of hair loss as follows

  • It is the quite easy, simple and non-surgical procedure
  • It is a short time procedure as it takes only 60-90 minutes to complete the entire process of injecting plasmas
  • This procedure gives safe and reliable results to hair loss patients
  • Due to the infusion of rich plasmas healing and the recovery period is shortest
  • Patients can flaunt the undetectable natural and dense hair after treatment.
  • It is the painless procedure and can be done without sedating the patient.
  • It is scar free procedure

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