PRP therapy or hair transplant which one to choose?


PRP therapy or hair transplant which one to choose?

Hair loss is one of the most undesirable losses we experience. It greatly diminishes the looks and personality of the person. A bald person looks mature beyond his years. The medical science has provided many ways to reverse this unpleasant process. But it becomes rather difficult to pick out the right treatment method. We will help you find out the most suitable option.

Options Galore 

The various methods suggested for hair loss are hair transplant and PRP therapy. While hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive process, PRP doesn’t require any surgical procedures. For deciding among the two, we will need to go into the details of each.

Hair transplant 

It includes the transfer of hair grafts from the donor site to the recipient site on the scalp of the patient.

The donor site is the site with abundant hair growth while the recipient site is the site with baldness. Generally, FUT or FUE technique is used to carry it out. The procedure requires making small cuts in the scalp and the healing process may take two weeks. Some pain and discomfort are experienced but it soon decreases with time. 


People unwilling to undergo surgery can opt for this process. It involves giving the patient an injection of his blood on the scalp. Firstly, the patient’s blood is withdrawn, usually from the arm area. The blood contains platelets which are known to possess growth stimulating properties. The blood obtained from the arm is put through a centrifugation machine. After the centrifugation, the platelet-rich blood gets accumulated at the top layer. This layer of platelet-rich plasma is collected. This collection is injected into the scalp of the balding person. The hair may start growing after several such sessions. It may take time to see the results. PRP therapy is known to activate the inactive hair follicles. The follicles once activated give rise to hair growth. The main advantage of this process is that it doesn’t involve any cuts and injury. It is safe for patients who don’t want to opt for a surgical procedure. It also doesn’t require the patient to stay at the hospital. People with alopecia areata and traction alopecia benefit by using this process. Patients experience minimum discomfort and pain in this process.

The Choice 

The choice rests with the patient and the doctor. The people suffering from hair loss due to genetic problems should opt for hair transplant. It is the best possible treatment for male and female pattern baldness. The patients who are suffering from hair loss due to some other reasons can opt for PRP therapy.