PRP Therapy – Best Hair Loss Treatment Method: Myth Or Reality?


PRP Therapy – Best Hair Loss Treatment Method: Myth Or Reality?

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is commonly known as platelet rich plasma treatment. PRP therapy is a  medical procedure in which an individual’s blood is drawn, handled, and then injected into the affected area of the scalp. PRP injections  trigger the natural hair development and expand the thickness of the hair shaft. It includes the issues related to healing injured tendon, ligaments, and muscles.

PRP Treatment Process

PRP treatment is a three-step process. PRP therapy needs 4–6 weeks for treatment. Maintenance process requires 6 months.

Stage 1

An individual’s blood is drawn  from his arm and put into a rotator, that is a machine that turns quickly to isolate liquids of various densities.

Stage 2

In This Stage Your Blood Has Isolated Into Three Layers:

  • Platelet-poor plasma
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Red platelets

Stage 3

In the last stage of the PRP, blood of the patient is drawn up into a syringe and  then injected into affected areas of the scalp which require expanded hair development.

PRP For Hair Loss Treatment

Since PRP treatment includes injecting your own blood into the affected area of your scalp, you are not in danger of getting an infection. In any case, any treatment that includes injections dependably carries a  risk of  damage to blood vessels or nerves, disease, or occurrence of scar tissue. Additionally, there are chances of a negative response to the anesthetic medications utilized in the treatment.

Hazards of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

When you go for discussion related to PRP, numerous suppliers will suggest against PRP for hair fall if you-:

  • Are on blood thinners
  • Are a heavy smoker
  • Have a background marked by liquor or drug misuse

Who are not eligible for PRP therapy-:

  • People with chronic infections
  • People who are experiencing cancer
  • People who have liver and skin diseases
  • People with Platelet dysfunction syndromes
  • A person who has a low platelet count
  • People with thyroid illness.

Will PRP Treatment Be Effective When I Have Lost Hair Completely?

No, PRP treatment will enhance development of existing hair, it will expand the developing period of hair, decrease hair fall, and turn around diminishing which  will at last gives thickness.

When Would I Be Able To Expect Hair Development?

At first you will see an improvement  in hair fall,then noticeable changes can be seen following 4-6 months.

Is PRP Permanent Treatment?

PRP is not really permanent or complete solution for hair fall. PRP treatment can possibly stimulate the current hair follicles, which can enhance hair development.