Protein Drinks Adverse Effect on Hair health


Protein Drinks Adverse Effect on Hair health

Protein drinks are dietary supplements that people consume to gain muscle mass. These are common among bodybuilders and who work out as they want to have a strong and muscular body. The most common protein supplement is whey protein which is consumed by most of the people. No doubt, protein supplements are considered safe but they have certain side effects due to which people might have to think before consuming these drinks.

Hair Loss and Protein Drinks

Many health and fitness enthusiasts are shocked to hear the connection between protein shakes and hair loss. Protein supplements are often made with whey, a food by-product that can be extracted from ordinary milk. Some manufacturers offer plant-based protein supplements and this option is popular among vegans and many other health-conscious consumers.

Some doctors suggest that protein shakes may be damaging the hair, but not all of them has an adverse effect. There are certain shakes which contain a number of additives that affect the hormonal balance of the person who is consuming them. So, you can say that there is no clinical evidence to support this connection. There might be some products that might result in this issue as contain ingredients for weight, muscle, and dietary management. Most of them include creatine, DHEA, and other prohormones.

Research is going on to study the link between creatine and hair fall. One study showed a significant increase in DHT production by 56% which was correlated with creatine. Additionally, some products contain DHEA which is also used as a supplement for building mass or weight loss. But it has been linked with risk of hormone-sensitive cancer and with the problem of hair fall.

Moreover, with the creatine and the inorganic growth hormones increase the level of testosterone. Further, it breaks the enzyme (5-alpha reductase) and then converts it into a chemical which is known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is basically linked to the problem of thinning of hair and hair fall. The hair follicles become weak and brittle which eventually decrease hair growth process. After that, the hair follicles shrink which results in stopping the hair growth cycle.

How to Prevent the Problem?

One of the best solutions is to get hair transplant as it helps in promoting the hair growth, as well as the results, are natural. Apart from this, you should avoid protein drinks which DHEA and creatine. Instead, you should consume only organic alternatives which will not cause any problem. You should keep your diet proper and include all the essential nutrients as well as vitamins which promote hair growth.