Protein Deficiency A Culprit That Triggers Hair Loss And Thinning


Protein Deficiency A Culprit That Triggers Hair Loss And Thinning

So you are among the millions who are struggling with hair loss. It is not a big deal considering the number of people who have this complaint. The reasons could vary from genetic predisposition to nutritional deficiency. Diet is one aspect one tends to ignore as one of the major reasons for hair loss. A diet deficient in protein is likely to result in hair loss. If you don’t take care of treating the deficiency, it could well lead to complete baldness. At that juncture, you will have to resort to surgical methods like hair transplants. Sure, hair transplant surgery will help in reviving your hair growth but it is better if you can handle the problem earlier with lesser effort.

Protein-the life of hair 

Protein is the main constituent of the hair. Our nails and hair strands are majorly made up of protein. So one has to be very careful about  having high protein content to have good nails and hair. A person who has high protein in his diet will have strong hair and nails. The hair growth is done in two phases by the body, one is the growth phase and the other one is the resting phase. The body of a person who doesn’t eat enough protein will make adjustments to counter the deficiency of protein. This will result in keeping the hair longer in the resting phase which will lead to hair loss or hair thinning.

Reason for protein deficiency 

The majority of times it is the malnourished diet which is the main cause behind protein deficiency. Many people go on a crash diet for losing weight but end up losing their precious hair. 

How to avoid protein deficiency

Have a diet that consists of foods rich in protein like eggs, beans, and nuts and meat in the diet. Try out other options if you are allergic to certain foods. An average adult should have 0.36 grams of protein for every 1 pound of body mass. It amounts to having 45 -55 grams of protein per day. People following an active lifestyle may need higher protein content in their diet. Deficiency in other essential elements like vitamins can also result in hair loss so people should keep their diet properly balanced.

How to get treatment for Hair Loss

If the cause of your hair loss is protein deficiency, then you should include more protein in your diet. As soon as the body starts receiving ample protein amount, the hair loss reversal will start taking place. You will notice hair growing back after some time. You can discuss the matter with your dietician or hair loss expert. In case there is no improvement in hair growth long after making the changes in the diet, the person should consult the doctor again.